Top 10 Most Anticipated Upcoming DC Extended Universe Movies/Projects

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1 Joker Movie

OH MY GODD. MARTIN SCORSESE! I am a little schoolgirl right now! Yes Phoenix, this will be dark and gritty and I will love every single second of it. It will be phenomenal movie. I have no doubt. I can finally see a movie based on him, and it will be brilliant, that I have no doubt of. This would be a tribute to his character and we get no Jared Leto in this movie. (YAYY) - iliekpiez

2 Flashpoint

We have had Howard the Duck movie, but yet we have no Flash movie. Somehow. After years of waiting, we could finally get a solo Flash movie. I really enjoyed his scenes and also his costume in Justice League. We could also see some good Flash villains. Some of these are Captain Cold, Zoom, Mirror Master. Heck, if organised well, we could get a big screen take on The Rogues. - iliekpiez

3 Deathstroke Movie

Deathstroke is one of my personal favourite villains in comic books, is getting his own movie. This could be awesome. And you know what? I think it will be. This at its best, could be an awesome movie, a dark movie-a gritty one and looking at the character of Deathstroke as a whole and I think that it could really work. Also, Deathstroke > Deadpool (as a character) - iliekpiez

4 Nightwing

The Lego Batman Movie has signed on to direct 'Nightwing' and if that the Lego Batman Movie showed us anything, is that man could easily deliver with humour. Now, this could be dark and gritty, and for me this could be great and considering I wanted a Nightwing Movie for a while and that he is one of my favourite superheroes and almost has his own Rogues Gallery, if he gets another one he could cross paths with Deathstroke. - iliekpiez

5 Shazam

Let me tell you, if you the teaser trailer showed me ANYTHING, and I mean anything, this movie could be great. We get a superhero who gets his superpower in modern society, and the character development he receives is great. Not to mention the acting, humour and characters also seem great in this upcoming movie as well. - iliekpiez

6 'The Batman'

As I am a big Batman fan, I am naturally I bit excited at the idea of an idea of another Batman movie. Considering I like Affleck as Batman, I am also excited at the idea of a dark Gotham and also a new villain being thrown into the mix as I love batman villains and naturally I would like a good one to be in the movie. This could be awesome. - iliekpiez

I am so excited, I am HUGE Batman fan - girlcool

7 Wonder Woman 1984

The sequel to the great movie 'Wonder Woman' the only (so far) good DCEU movie so far. Now, a lot of events happened in 1984, like Reagan's election, the cold war, Afghanistan. Considering how good the first one was, and that gods becoming humans and I really like that. I am exciting to see what Jenkins will bring to it. - iliekpiez

8 Birds of Prey

An in my personal opinion, underrated movie, this could be great. We could really awesome characters like The Huntress, (an underrated female superhero), Black Canary, who has a awesome ability. It could poke fun at humour, and also considering the fact that Harley Quinn, (Robbie) will be in it and I really like her character. This could be great. - iliekpiez

9 Green Lantern Corps

This will finally introduce the Green Lanterns into the DCEU universe, and considering they are one of my personal favourite superhero teams, I cannot wait for it. However, will it is risky considering how much people are in the team. Now, however if it does deliver, it could be great and introduce them into the DCEU with a bang. - iliekpiez

10 New Gods

In my opinion, pretty underrated superhero team who deserve more attention, the New Gods are finally getting their own movie. It could also get Darkseid, a very famous character in terms of DC characters. However, it could also get underrated characters like Orion to popularity kinda like what the movie Iron Man did. However, DuVernay might need assistance. - iliekpiez

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11 Aquaman
12 Suicide Squad 2
13 Gotham City Sirens
14 Cyborg
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