Most Anticipated Upcoming Movies of 2020 and After

Since nobody is making a list of awesome movies that are coming out during 2020 or after, I decided to make a list for it. These are the movies I know that would be awesome that are coming out in 2020 and after.

The Top Ten

1 Godzilla vs. Kong

As a huge fan, I will see a big crossover battle, featuring my favorite iconic character (Godzilla) taking on a giant gorilla (Kong) in a big battle. Maybe they'll team up, and another Villainous Monster "DESTOROYAH" will make his debut to the US Cinemas for the first time! - asantalo

2 Night on Bald Mountain

I know Disney is adapting a segment featuring my all time favorite Villain in the Disney Franchise, Chernabog. I believe that he deserves to be in it. So please god! Bring the greatest Villain to the big screen. - asantalo

3 Kenobi: A Star Wars Story
4 Indiana Jones 5
5 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3
6 Flashpoint
7 Solo Cyborg Film
8 Mothra

I believe that there will be a solo Mothra film after Godzilla vs. Kong. - asantalo

9 Solo Black Widow Film
10 Snow White and the 7 Dwarves

The Contenders

11 South Park Movie 2
12 Untitled Mario Movie

It'll be a good movie.

13 Disney’s the Little Mermaid

Basically I believe that it’s coming out soon. I just hope that they can do good with this adaptation. And please make Natalia Dyer to play Ariel, because she looks and sounds a lot like Ariel. - asantalo

14 Avatar 2
15 Avatar 3
16 Avatar 4
17 Avatar 5
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