Most Anticipated Video Games of 2017


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81 Ark: Survival Evolved
82 Anonymous;Code
83 Another Eden
84 Ash of Gods: Redemption
85 Blitzkrieg 3
86 Brawlhalla
87 Camelot Unchained
88 Chaos;Child Love Chu Chu!!
89 The Church in the Darkness
90 Crackdown 3
91 Cuphead
92 Scorn

I have always wanted a game like Scorn, but the closest I had ever gotten to one was the Doom series and Somega other horror ones. But now I can thank whoever is making this Morbid game.

93 Poochy & Yoshi's Wooly World
94 Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition
95 Star Trek: Bridge Crew
96 Arms
97 Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
98 Shadow Warrior 2
99 Need for Speed 2017

First, I heard the always-online restriction is going to be removed.
Second, the car customization already in NFS 2015 is going to be carried over to NFS 2017 (but I hope more of it will be added)
Third, the world will probably be diverse in terrain, ranging from tarmac to dirt.
Fourth, cops will be coming back (I just hope the cop chases will be more intense, with smarter cops, like in NFS Most Wanted 2005, Carbon, Undercover, Hot Pursuit 2010, Most Wanted 2012, and Rivals).
Please Ghost Games and EA, don't let me down on this one. - SelfDestruct

100 Life is Strange: Before the Storm
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1. Injustice 2
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