Best App Review Sites

I am going to cover some of my favorite app review sites, where you can get your app reviewed either for free or a small price. These sites will really help your app get off the ground.

The Top Ten

1 StumbleUponApps

I loved this site for a mobile app review site. They were fast with my review for Mr. Daredevil and best part it was FREE! They are a little bit small now, but I think they will take off and when they do, it would will be worth your while to have your app reviewed by them. They also got me a great amount of downloads, for a free review.

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2 148Apps

This site is very big, I submitted my app to them and I am still waiting on a reply from them or even a review. However, once you get your app reviewed on here I am sure it will take off in no time.

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If you have an android device and want your app reviewed this is the site to do it on. It will cost a little bit of money, and the price is a bit steep for 1 review, but if you got the money and your an android developer it will be worth it to get your app reviewed by them.

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4 The Smartphone App Review

They do both iPhone and Android App reviews, it takes a while to get your app reviewed unless you pay for the 24 hour package which again is a bit steep, but at the end it does have results.

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5 Pocket Gamer

Good for gaming app reivews.

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6 AppScout

It's from pcmag chance are your app won't be reviewed but it is well worth a shot.

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7 iFans

Good only for iPhones.

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8 DailyAppShow Visit Website9
9 Touch Arcade

Good for both android and iPhone games.

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10 AppVee

The smallest and yet still very good.

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