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21 Quadra 840 AV

Best Pre-PowerMac/Pentium computer period. When the PowerMacs and Pentiums came out, there was one computer the Mac and PC Gurus would not test against. The Q840AV. Instead, they tested against the Q660AV because they were faster, but the Q840AV blew the new Macs and PCs doors off. They couldn't sell the new computers if people new there was a current computer that was better all the way around than their expensive new computers.

22 Macintosh IIfx

The IIfx was the first truely full color (millions of colors), and fastest processor of it's day hands down. The only drawback was it's hefty price. It took several years for the PC to catch up. The only faster computer was another Mac introduced a couple years later - the Q840AV. First computer called super.

23 Apple Lisa

You forgot this old old computer. The Lisa was a breakthrough in computers, and helped pave the path to the brilliant Macs we see today. It had a top notch system back in its day, though I'm not much for the chunky old casing. Lisa is the most unknown of every Apple product. - Cutiegirl123

24 Performa 6116CD
25 iMac Pro
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