Top Ten Apps that Come with Cyanogenmod or Open Gapps Micro


The Top Ten

1 CyanogenMod Browser

It isthe best mobile browser for non-flash websites on medium to fast Wi-Fi. - Kaboom

2 Cyanogenmod Email

The best email client you've ever used. Use it once, and you will agree. - Kaboom

3 File Manager

Simply the best non-root file browser there is. - Kaboom

4 Settings

Where you can configure your ROM and set up the goodies it provides. - Kaboom

5 Terminal

Use your inner geek to do system administration, file management, or just have some fun. Do not run rm -rf / - Kaboom

6 Camera

It takes the same great pictures you've come to expect from your device. If you have a bad camera, it takes OK pictures. The UI is great: The settings are hidden aand won't distract you and yet they are right there! - Kaboom

7 Music

It is a great music player. No nonsence here, just a music app that, well, plays music. What else would you want in a music app. - Kaboom

8 Screen recorder

Want to record footage of gaming or a tutorialon how to do something? No problem! Just use the included screen recorder! - Kaboom

9 Clock

An awesome clock app. Once you use it, you will never want a different one. - Kaboom

10 System UI

I love the small suite of tools and the ability to adjust things quickly. - Kaboom

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