Top Ten Arbitrary Systems That We Follow

Ever wondered why things are called what? , most things that we speak are random, our names, the scales... are random

The Top Ten

1 Languages that we speak

Every language is started by a person or a group, containing random words linked to each other. They become popular generation by generation slowly. Some words are linked to other but we reach a dead end where a word comes which is just random - yatharthb

2 Our Names

They are mostly related to our languages, our name is a thing that people call us with, but it is random - yatharthb

3 Borders of Countries/States in the same landmass

Borders are dependent on hills, rivers, lakes, forests. But in Plains most borders are Crooked, senseless. Take a look at the Netherlands-Belgium border, it passes through houses, shops, malls, parking lots, streets. Or the India-Bangladesh border - yatharthb

Nice list.
Yes, definitely, we create a mental picture of borders between countries and states, even when they belong to the same plains. The extreme example of this is the Europe.

4 The units of measurement, the scale

Why a day has 24 hours each of 60 minutes instead of 96 hours of 15 minutes or 12 hours of 120 minutes each, every measurement except a few are random - yatharthb

My weight is 123 locadexies. Come on people, locadexies is the new unit of measurement for weight!

5 Symbols so called 'alphabets' and 'numbers'

I sometimes wonder how I can fluently grasp the meaning of a bunch of random English letters...

6 Things used as money
7 The Concept of Postage Stamps

We could have used any complicated shape as a postage stamp - yatharthb

8 Music instruments

Well, music instruments are NOT some random things people blindly follow. Every instrument produce their own BEAUTIFUL characteristic sound. There is experience and science used when producing those instruments. You cannot produce a musical instrument randomly. I once tried to make an instrument out of a scrap of metal and what it produced was just unpleasant noise. I don't think I can patent that thing.

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