Best Arch Enemy Songs with Angela Gossow

As the Khaos Legions are aware, the Angela Gossow era has come to an end, and has ushered in the Alissa White-Gluz era of Arch Enemy. Here's a list to honor one of the goddesses of metal and her time as Arch Enemy's frontwoman. Be sure to add only songs from any album between Wages of Sin and Khaos Legions. This includes The Root of All Evil, which are re-recorded versions of songs from the Johan Lliva era with Gossow on vocals.

The Top Ten

1 Ravenous (Wages of Sin)

My favorite! Her screams are unbelievably insane yet so beautiful at the same time. - MetalFoREVer1228

2 Nemesis (Doomsday Machine)
3 Beast of Man (The Root of All Evil)

I feel that she did a great job on this song. - MetalFoREVer1228

4 We Will Rise (Anthems of Rebellion)
5 Revolution Begins (Rise of the Tyrant)
6 Dead Eyes See No Future (Anthems of Rebellion)


7 Bloodstained Cross (Khaos Legions)
8 Yesterday Is Dead and Gone (Khaos Legions)
9 Enemy Within (Wages of Sin)
10 My Apocalypse (Doomsday Machine)

How is this not on the list!? - Flav

This the best song! - Nimbusman

The Contenders

11 Bridge of Destiny (The Root of All Evil)
12 I Am Legend / Out for Blood (Doomsday Machine)

There are loads of Arch Enemy songs that I absolutely love, but this one is one of my favourites

13 In This Shallow Grave (Rise of the Tyrant)

Love this song too, one of their songs that goes from brutal in the verses to melodic in the chorus

I like all the songs from this album

14 Vultures (Rise of the Tyrant)

One of the most beautiful and melodic songs I've heard

15 Night Falls Fast (Rise of the Tyrant)

This song has everything a great melodeath song needs in it

16 Rise of the Tyrant (Rise of the Tyrant)

Best Arch Enemy Song

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