Best Archer Characters

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Sterling Archer Sterling Malory Archer is a fictional character on the American adult animated sitcom Archer, which aired on the basic cable network FX from 2009 to 2017 and is currently broadcast on sister network FXX.

my fam

Doctor Krieger


Lana Kane

Lana is the most badass character on this show. Sterling is funny, but he can be very over-the-top and annoying sometimes. Lana is always the one to put him in check

Lana's awesome, archer is an ass

Pam Poovey
Cheryl Tunt
Malory Archer
Ray Gillette
Cyril Figgis

The best loser character I've ever seen.

Trinette McGoon

The Contenders

Katya Kazanova
Barry Dylan
Babou the Ocelot

why not

Doctor Krieger's Girlfriend
Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow

Best Archer In The Comic World

Lucas Troy

Said Your mom!

Rip Riley
Len Trexler
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