Top Ten Best Argentinian Movies of All Time

These are the English names of those brilliant masterpieces made by argentinian people.

The Top Ten

1 The Secret In Their Eyes

Out of the question.
Argentina has made some fine products, but this is far better by a lot to any other films ever made in Argentina.
It will be a long time until another film tops it.

Brilliant masterpiece by Campanella, that awarded him the Best Foreign Picture Academy Award. A stupendous thriller with a brilliant plot. - keyson

2 Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes)

I could almost guarantee there is no movie in the world that is as unpredictable as this one. Dark but with tons of unexpected fun, this movie explores the intense feelings of separate individuals living particularly peculiar situations. In my view, this is the best movie in years. If you want something different yet outstanding, this is your movie. Brilliant masterpiece. - keyson

Hmm... I think I've heard about this from somewhere... You make it sound worth watching, Martin :) I love you! - Britgirl

3 Son of the Bride

Another movie by Campanella, nominated to best foreign picture. - keyson

4 The Official Story

First Argentinian Winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreing Picture. - keyson

5 Chinese Take-Out

Great movie when you look for something fun and different. - keyson

6 A Boyfriend for My Wife

A good movie with a good argument, romance and a couple of laughs. - keyson

7 Blessed by Fire

This movie explores the story of Argentinian soldiers fighting the Malvinas (Falkland) war against Great Britain. unfortunate young men who went to die in an unnecessary war. Great plot, and touching as it reminds the tragic events. - keyson

8 Underdogs (Metegol)

An excellent animated movie by Campanella with tons of fun yet with some cultural bias. - keyson

9 White Elephant

Another movie starring the brilliant actor Ricardo DarĂ­n. - keyson

10 Revolution: The Crossing of the Andes

A movie about the hero San Martin, and his epic conquer across the Andes mountains as he and his soldiers freed Argentina, Chile and Perou from the Spanish. - keyson

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1. Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes)
2. The Secret In Their Eyes
3. Son of the Bride


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