Best Ariana Grande Songs Since 2011

Ariana Grande has sang lots of songs since 2011 and She played Cat Valentine for "Victorious", "Sam and Cat" and "Princess Diaspro" for Winx Club.

The Top Ten

1 The Way

Love this song so much

2 Put Your Hearts Up

Though there is lots of auto tune used, it's s really great song with an awesome message for everyone.

Auto tune is used? Anyway, love the song. Love her red velvet hair.

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3 Stick Around
4 Daydreamin'

She has an amazing voice! Unbelievably talented!

5 Honeymoon Avenue

Can't we just get back to the way it was when we were on Honeymoon Avenue.

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6 Lovin' It
7 My Everything

This song is my everything I love it so much all of Ariana's songs are amazing but this one is definitely one of my top top favorites x

8 Problem

Love this song! Should be at least in the top 4 along with Honeymoon Avenue, The Way, and Baby I. - bumblebee

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9 Love the Way You Lie
10 Tattooed Heart

Very catchy song and very unique! Love it!

The Contenders

11 Grenade

She's such a lovely signer

12 Break Free
13 Love Me Harder
14 Bang Bang
15 Focus
16 You're My Only Shawty
17 Baby I

How is this not on the list? - bumblebee

18 Popular Song
19 Just a Little Bit of Your Heart

The vocals are amazing and the tune is so awesome!

20 Break Your Heart Right Back
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