Top Ten Ariana Grande Songs With the Best Chorus


The Top Ten

1 Santa Tell Me
2 Love Me Harder
3 Right There

Honestly I think this track is the champions of the choruses by Ariana. It's such a beautiful,carefree and magical track

4 The Way
5 One Last Time
6 Bang Bang
7 Baby I
8 Last Christmas
9 Break Your Heart Right Back
10 Popular Song

The Contenders

11 Honeymoon Avenue
12 Break Free
13 Problem

Hey! This song is the only Ariana Grande song which is having a Pop and Stylish Chorus! Make it One and Best! 😉

14 Why Try
15 Focus

A new modern amazing morel full expression of artists like Ariana beautiful harmonies and I'm sure there are amazing opinions on this song and u should know this song allows your voice to go high and low and do many more but not only that it also lets you run wild and show off your amazing voice you know you have PS I know you all have amazing voices so use this song to show your parents you can be just a miniature Ariana and with all do respect NOBODY should give up so allow this song be you and let you use this to become an amazing artist and maybe someday you will write an amazing piece just like this

16 Dangerous Woman

All girls wanna be like that, bad girls underneath like that.

17 Everyday
18 Greedy
19 Side to Side
20 They Don't Know
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