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1 Tum Hi Ho

Its simply awesome and godly. It reminds me of God and humanity. Love you arijit.

Just awesome song really loved it evergreen song!

It's great and heart-touching. Awesome, Arijit...


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2 Phir Mohabbat

Great song by the best Indian singer of recent years

Wow! The great song

Mind blowing voice arijit have

Awesome song

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3 Muskurane

It's so soulfully sung by Arijit n has a soft melody.

Best song of Arijit Singh..
Wonderful lyrics.. Beautiful composition..

Everyone must listen to this
'. '


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4 Humdard

It is so nice and touchy. Fantastic singing of Arijit. I really love the song.

It's so heart touching and really one of the best love song I have ever heard.

Fell in love with his voice while listening to this song..

This heart touching song should be ranked 2, after Tum hi how

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5 Mast Magan

One of the best song 2014

V. Good love song

It's a perfect song that I ever heard


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6 Pal Kaisa Pal

Best song from Arijit Singh! - Squidward48

Excellent song I'm trying to sing this in my next performance


7 Tu Hi Hai Aashiqui


Arijit sir of course you are really the best singer

8 Har Kisi Ko (Version 2)

It's an awesome song, really. I love this man.

I liked this song. Really good song, good lyrics.

I really love this song

Excellent song is one which I also sing maximum time in my leasure...� -

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9 Duaa

This song wasn't sung by arijit singh

This song is really heart touching song

Most Difficult song for Arijit

good job

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10 Kabira (Encore)

I love this song way too much. Arjit Singh really has a magical voice

I love this song lot

Very nice song.

This song is full of emotions

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11 Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse

Best song ever listen I don, t know why is it ranked so low

This is the my most favourite song

The overall combination of music, voice & lyrics is just awesome!


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12 Main Dhoondne Ko Zamaane Mein

This should have been in the top 10... Just love it! Guys you must vote for it...

The song that feel my heart with love as well as sorrow

This Song Is Just Awesome! It Should Be In Top 20

Best song of Arijit ever..

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13 Samjhawan

Man! Are you listen to his voice.He is my favorite singer of all time.I love this song because when I hear this song it is a very beautiful feeling works inside me.I think it is the best song of him.

One if the best songs ever heard

Best song of Arijit Singh

Wow I love alia and varun and the voice of arijit awesome

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14 Raabta

Good song and Arijit Singh rocks!

Very soulful song with sweet voice

What a voice and what a feel, should have easily gone into the top three

Very sweet song.I love this song.

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15 Uska Hi Banana

Very nice song. Love Arijit Singh's voice.

This is the most emotional song and it gives a very strong feel! No one else would have sung better than ArijitSingh! Seriously!

My most favorite song. Beautifully sung by Arijit Singh.
He should be number 1.

Super song

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16 Sanam Re

Very good song and voice love you arijit...

The best ever song sung by any singer...

My Favourite and Best Song MY SANAM RE

Superb arijit sir I am also so big fan of you

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17 Janam Janam

It is the perfect song for who is in love... Most heart touching word...

One of the best singer of all the time

It's the first time in my life that I listen to a song more than 20 times per's the janam janam song,very well sung by the best singer. Really it's a very good song...

Love that song. Is beautiful.

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18 Bojhena Shey Bojhena

I think this is the best bengali song sung by Arijit Singh.

Awesome song..Arijit Singh Rocks!

One of the best bengali songs I heard

I love this song my brother Arijit...

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19 Laal Ishq

This is Arijit Singh's best song and also of the year 2013 - CinemaMonster

In this song one gets to know about how talented this singer is... !

Lovely, awesome, heart touching, super this song is... What a voice God gives you?

Its lyrics and arijit's voice combination is superb. Really touched my heart

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20 Hum Mar Jayenge

This song very heart touching song I like this song very much

I like this song this is so nice song and to Arijit Singh

Very very nice song

Hum sach mei mar jayenge apki awaj main

21 Tere Hoke Rahenge

Wonderful song this song needs to be in topten

Awesome Song...
Should be in the top 10 - Akashjeet

What a starting... Kalte Mile...

best voice

22 Channa Mareya

Best arijit singh song. One of the vest song of the year

Most most most beautiful song

Who the hell has put this song so far in the list.. It should on 1..most probably


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23 Jhoom Jhoom Ta Hun Main

I love all song of arijit and also I love him

This is very nice song

Really jhomminng

I love it

24 Hasi Ban Gaye

As good as the movie

Amit mishra is the singer not Arijit Singh

Very heart touching song... A mgical voice...


25 Aye Dil Bata

One of his best songs... Though all his songs are best...

Nice song must be in top...

26 Baatein Ye Kabhi Na

I love this song

Just amazing

Brilliant combo jeet-arijit

Lovely song

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27 Aayat

His romantic tunes are in top ten and his talented ones are lying down in 20s, says a lot about the taste of so called music lovers.

His best song.. EVER! Superb

Heart touching song and lines; we love you Arijit

This was his toughest song ever

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28 Kashmir Main, Tu Kanyakumari

Nyc song 4m Chennai Express..

The best song of Arijit singh


29 Soch Na Sake

Arguably the best song of arijit. This song touches your heart right from the first word Arijit sings.

This should certainly be right at the top 5 there!

Must be in top 3

One of arijit's best songs!

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30 Chal Wahan Jaate Hain

I want to meet him please.

This is fab!

31 Hai Dil Ye Mera

I love it... It's one of his best songs

Very very best song

It's amazing song

Best song

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32 Phir Le Aya Dil

Love this one so much

Should be in top

Very peaceful song.. must listen

Yes it must be up in d list but difficult to give numbers to dem...this songs are just awesome... Have collection of almost all songs

33 Jeena Jeena

This is one of the awesome songs that I have ever heard

Deserves to be in top 5

Very nice song.i like from Oman bandipure

One of the bests from badlapur!

34 Dilliwaali Girlfriend


nice song

best song

Nice song ek veer ki ardass veera

35 Saawali Si Raat

Feel the real joy

36 Mohabbat Barsa De

What... Must be in top 5


Top in d list...

37 Judaai

It just goes to the deepest core of the heart

Heart Touching..

One of his best song..U can't stop listening

38 Gerua

My favorite song

It is the best song after tu hi ho

Bestestestest one

best song

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39 Lun
40 Khamoshiyan

Another superb song by king of title tracks in 2015 jeet ganguly and arijit singh

Listen to this amazing song from movie Khamoshiyan

Very popular song from Oman

The crescendo at 2:48 - amazing

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41 Meri Aashiqui

One of its best song

42 Teri Galiyan

This is height of stupidity. This is not even arijit's song. Whoever put this song on the list and some other songs as well which are not arijit singh songs are stupid. At least check the artist before you mislead other people here.

It is arijit best song it has special voice. you should hear that song it is quite good it is also the best in the arijit songs list. I think it should be number 1 in arijit songs list

Heart touching. I like it

Not arijits song at all

43 Hairaani

From Love Shagun, it is a wonderful song.

Superv song with ryhetemic music..lyrics was also nice.

44 Palat Tera Hero Idhar Hai

Great song, Arijit Singh rules!

Awesome one

45 Sooraj Dooba Hai

What a lovely song I never listen

The best song ever... !

Versitality is seen here

Really Reaaly Awesome song!

46 Aaj Phir

Beautifully sung by Arijit Singh...

47 Baaton Ko Teri

This is by the far the best song by Arijit Singh.. Absolutely mesmerizing..! Love it.. Totally love it..

Fish song love and hartless

48 Chahun Main Ya Naa

Really Arijit Singh you voice is God gifted and awesome

What is it doing here, it should be at least in the top 5
Amazing song!

top 5

49 Saware

The best of his voice

Veryy touchy it

50 Aasan Nahi Yaahan

Beautifully sung by Arijit Singh
Really love his voice

Why is it 21?

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