Top Ten Armors That Need to Be In Minecraft

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1 Wood Armor

Much more common than leather and might be better

2 Shell Armor

I know there's no shell block in MC but still shell armor would be nice

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3 Redstone Armor

You could surround iron armour in redstone in the armour section

Maybe it could power redstone when you touch it. the strengh of the signal would depend on how much R armor you're wearing

4 Lapis Lazuli Armor

If every other ore gets armor why doesn't this one get armor?

Does blue leather armour count?

5 Emerald Armor

Same as lapis luzili armor but stronger than diamond armor

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6 Chain Armor in Survival

Deserves to be in S mode but ight not be strong

7 Cobblestone Armor

Common and stronger than iron

8 Dirt Armor
9 Grass Armor

Weak and hard to get but realistic use with natural texture pack on Xbox version

10 Dye Armor

Like dyed leather armor but is crafted using only the dye

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11 Obsidian Armor
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