Top Ten Arrested Development Characters


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1 G.O.B. Bluth

The eldest son who's botched magic illusions keep us in stiches. - FlareNetworkC

He's the best!

2 Tobias Funkë

How is Lucille ranked above Tobias? This is an outrage. - Gynidz

The worlds first analrapist (analyst and therapist) never fails to find the wrong words to use. - FlareNetworkC

3 Lucille Bluth Lucille Bluth

The alcoholic worst mother who never manages to care for her children, especially G.O. B and Lindsay. Jessica Walter plays her perfectly. - FlareNetworkC

4 Buster Bluth

The biggest mamma's boy ever! Don't let him know about the seal in his room. - FlareNetworkC

And my hand is up to you!


5 Michael Bluth

The responsible man who's just trying to hold his family together! - FlareNetworkC

6 George-Michael Bluth

The only son with a crush on his cousin! - FlareNetworkC

7 Maeby Funkë

The rebellious daughter. Marry me! - FlareNetworkC

8 Lindsay Bluth-Funkë

Th irresponsible adopted daughter who married a man she hates. - FlareNetworkC

9 George Bluth Sr.

The worlds worst dad always escapes prison! - FlareNetworkC

10 Oscar Bluth

"Maybe I'll put it in her brownie." Enough said. - FlareNetworkC

The Contenders

11 Franklin Bluth

Funny as hell with the close ups!

12 Barry Zuckerkorn
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1. George-Michael Bluth
2. Tobias Funkë
3. Maeby Funkë
1. Lucille Bluth
2. Buster Bluth
3. G.O.B. Bluth
1. Buster Bluth
2. Tobias Funkë
3. Lucille Bluth


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