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1 Arthur Fist Meme

When you read a list and three of the items are identical - NikBrusk

The greatest meme ever - PrematureTrumpedPermute

2 Arthur Comic Creator

Using the Arthur Comic Creator game on the PBS website and making completely innocent (sarcasm) stories with it has become popular with Image Boards and other forums. - PrematureTrumpedPermute

3 Oh, are you having cake?
4 This is spinach...and I! HATE! SPINACH!!!!!!
5 Binky Listens to Bang On a Trash Can All Stars

It has become the subject of many YTPs - PrematureTrumpedPermute

6 NSFW screenshots

For example, there's a screenshot of Arthur buttoning up his pants, and the captions reads "Don't start, you knew I had a girl" - PrematureTrumpedPermute

7 "You really think someone would do that — just go on the internet and tell lies?"

You don't want to go on IMDB then... - PrematureTrumpedPermute

8 I told you... NOT! TO! TOUCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!
9 The episode "Arthur's Big Hit"
10 "Dear Sue Ellen....."

Dear Sue Ellen: I’m sorry I upset you, I didn’t mean to. It was really just a joke. I thought you could take a joke. But I guess I was wrong. I’ve been teased before about wearing glasses but I never felt I had to tell the teacher about it and get someone else in trouble. Maybe you’re just over-reacting? I don’t understand why you’re so upset about such a small thing. I thought we were friends - PrematureTrumpedPermute

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