Top 10 Artificial Intelligences in Video Games

The Top Ten
1 Cortana (Halo Series)

She sounds like Microsoft laptops AI

2 GlaDOS (Portal Series) GLaDOS is a fictional artificially intelligent computer system appearing in the video games Portal and Portal 2. The character was created by Erik Wolpaw and Kim Swift and voiced by Ellen McLain.
3 HK-47 (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) HK-47 is a fictional droid character in the 2003 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. HK-47 was a Hunter-Killer series assassin droid and Jedi hunter constructed by the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Revan, shortly after the end of the Mandalorian Wars in 3960 BBY.
4 Mother Brain (Metroid series)
5 Clank (Ratchet & Clank) Clank is one of the titular protagonist game characters in the Ratchet & Clank video game series by Insomniac Games.
6 Wheatley (Portal 2)
7 PROXY (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)
8 Bagley (Watch Dogs: Legion)
9 BD-1 (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order)
10 Shodan (System Shock series)
The Contenders
11 Legion (Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3)
12 Gaia (Horizon Zero Dawn)
13 KOS-MOS (Xenosaga) KOS-MOS is a fictional character from the Xenosaga role-playing video game series by Monolith Soft and Bandai Namco Entertainment.
14 Claptrap (Borderlands 2)
15 Adam Malkovich (Metroid)
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