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61 Ozwick
62 Turkeyasylum V 1 Comment
63 Maquenda
64 DestinyBlue V 1 Comment
65 viria13
66 loish
67 N-O-N-A-M-E
68 Squira130
69 Mahoo26
70 Anouninjago11
71 Erra-day
72 Lostie815 V 1 Comment
73 Nicole

Please check her out so underrated

74 SkullManDan
75 Hiyukee
76 SodiePawp
77 Orkimides

Like his friend AbyssWolf, he also makes good pixel art.

78 KashimusPrime

The only downside is that some of her favorites include awful crossover pictures of The Lion King or The Lion Guard with other series, including the infamous Fuli VS Sonic the Hedgehog picture that I really dislike. Fuli is an awful character and Sonic can't be shipped with her. Sonic deserves better. Also, Kash thinks that the movie's characters act and behave just like the real animals (i.e. lions, hyenas) they're supposed to be when they don't. Disney got sued for making the whole Crocuta Crocuta species as evil villains, especially knowing that the hyena is never portrayed positively and often been portrayed negatively in many myths and media before The Lion King was released, yet The Lion King made it worse. Would not be such a big deal if a rival pride of lions were the secondary antagonists instead. Honestly, TLK is not a documentary and I wish she could realize that better. No offense to her whatsoever, as she is entitled to her own personal beliefs. This was just constructive ...more

As much as I don't like the TLK franchise, it's finally nice to see someone who actually has a brain. Kash actually manages to follow the site's rules/policy and calls out other TLK on their BS (she has an awesome Tumblr blog called Laughable Lion King Art that shows this), teaches other people how to draw and not steal/trace/other peoples' work, which I still wish many other people could understand that. Oh, and she's a good artist, too.

Yeah, I really wish other artists would accept her constructive criticism for once. She's not trying to be a troll, she's only trying to help...

79 Hideyoshi V 1 Comment
80 DarkenedBrutality

He sucks because he is was a bad troll from this site and now THERE!? - Neonco31

He made art about TheTopTens (TheCrapTens) where he pooped on the users and it was hilarious.

He Shouldn't Be Here
Because He Offended This Great Website

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