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81 DarkenedBrutality

He sucks because he is was a bad troll from this site and now THERE!? - Neonco31

He made art about TheTopTens (TheCrapTens) where he pooped on the users and it was hilarious.

He Shouldn't Be Here
Because He Offended This Great Website

82 FelixFan9000

Maybe not an artist, but finally someone who dislikes a certain movie as much as I do.

83 Kit-Airheart

May not be much of an artist, but has some honest opinions on Krystal from Star Fox. She is a good writer, though.

84 j-fujita

His gallery rocks. I especially like the Krystal pics he did.

85 Miyukitty

Draws great fanart based on Pokemon, Fire Emblem and more.

86 Gathion

Was a Star Fox fan artist for quite some time. Makes interesting art and stories, whether if it's Star Fox-related or original characters/stories.

He seems to do original art now, but both his original and fanart are still good. Heck, original art in general can be better than fanart at times.

87 BecDeCorbin

Does a lot of fanart of both popular and obscure movies and shows, mostly of the 20th century, and is really talented at both drawing and putting together old models from the past and refurbishing them into something that looks new. Although I really hope he never draws The Lion King anywhere, cause that's the last thing I would ever want to see in a gallery filled with fanart of classic or obscure movies and shows, but that's just my opinion and I can't stop him from doing what he wants, I guess. The fanart he did of the old anime Project A-KO is pretty cool.


Seriously, his gallery rocks.

89 EleganceLiberty

Was such a good artist and liked both her original art and her fan art. Too bad she had to leave the site. (but I can understand that since it's her choice, and everyone makes choices)

90 MasaBowser

Known for drawing great Bowser-related fanart.

91 Airumel

Love her art!

92 ladylaguna

A good artist who specializes in Sonic fanart as well as other fanart of various anime and games. She also has a great anime style going.

93 StarFox-Saiyan

Draws mostly Star Fox and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles art, including awesome art of James McCloud and his son, Fox.

94 LajosJancsi

Great artwork of Mario characters as well as ancient gods and goddesses.

Also a Koopaling artist, which she draws them very well.

95 icha-icha

Great artwork of Star Fox and such...

96 JoeAdok

Not only he creates awesome traditional and digital artwork, but also model art as well. Great collection of Sonic and Nintendo fanart, too.

His Sonic-related art and models are amazing.

97 nejinoki

Great art gallery that he has, for sure. ^_^

98 SmithyGCN

Is good at both traditional and digital art, as well as video game-inspired sprites. I do miss his anime-style of his older works though, but I guess people make their own choices.

99 WhiteFox89

She is really an awesome artist. Her gallery is worth checking out.

100 vixvargas

Great Star Fox art and it is nice to know that I'm not the only one who remembers who Fara Phoenix is. (She is a forgotten character who appeared in the old Star Fox comics in Nintendo Power in 1993)

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