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101 JayAxer

Cool art gallery. Worked on the Archie Sonic comics for a while.

102 Yardley

Works on the Archie Sonic comics and is a great artist. Draws Sonic and company very well, and more.

103 HyaKkiDouR4n

Best known for the "stop fandom abuse" stamps, he is also a good artist.

104 Glee-chan

Awesome art from what I've seen.

105 Nuclearzeon2

Although maybe not an artist, he's still a good writer.

106 WishmasterAlchemist

Has an awesome gallery of animal stamps and photos for many different kinds of species.

107 KYMG

He did the character designs for Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates and a few other games. Did an awesome fanart of Kat from Gravity Rush if I remember correctly. More of his work can be seen on his website.

Ah yes, it's Yusuke Kozaki. I was surprised he had a the site at first. Anyway, he always does a good job at art and designing characters.

108 The-Man-Of-Tomorrow

His art is decent, his journals are amusing to read and he really appreciates other Sega franchises besides Sonic. (He likes ToeJam & Earl from what I've seen) In fact he made a stamp on how there is more to Sega than just Sonic which I really agree, and I'm hoping that more people would see that stamp and fave it whenever they have the chance.

109 JamesmanTheRegenold

Awesome gallery.

110 RobDuenas

A really good artist who worked on comics many times.

111 Memoski

Does awesome fanart of video games from all the consoles... From those of Nintendo to PlayStation to Xbox to even indie games. His gallery is worth checking out.

112 hybridmink

Man, his artwork is awesome! Especially the Super Smash Bros. pictures. I wish I could draw and color as good as him.

Should be higher on this list.

113 Toivoshi

She has an awesome gallery.

114 Lyricanna

Interesting gallery...

115 Mister-Saturn

Awesome art gallery.

116 fryguy64

His gallery of Nintendo and other game fanart is awesome and draws/colors like a professional.

117 LadyGT

Her art looks like it came out from an actual anime. Now, if only she would make a spiritual successor to Sonic X... Well, anyway, her art and animations are that good.

118 Nelde

I like his HD-remake pictures he did of Paper Mario. Now, if only he could work for Nintendo...

119 Saturnspace
120 Arvalis
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