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161 SaccharoKirby

I agree. She has an awesome art gallery.

While some may say NintenDrawer is the best Nintendo artist, her friend SK is close at/as great> She just has such a beautiful art style and isn't also fan of Mediocre Cartoons like Powerpuff Girls and Adventure Time unlike ninpeachlover or PinkPrincessBlossom - NintendoFan380

162 Daycolors

Her style fits her username.

She does give out this username for something. Her known first real name is "Day" and she has colorful art style. Just no way her art could be any ugly compared to MikeEddyAdmirer89! - NintendoFan380

163 JbWarner86
164 ToxicIsland

A lot of you may disagree with me on this, but I just thought his art was amazing for inventing such a magnificent idea like "Super Smash Bros. Omega", a Smash Fighting game with over 3000+ characters! - NintendoFan380

I know he has his own opinions, but a lot of those characters he listed will never appear in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Don't know why some people think of such ideas.

165 mrlogin

A troll added this. Take mrlogin off this list. There is nothing in his gallery whatsoever.

166 SpiderFingers15Sucks
167 Ini-Inayah
168 Tomlannucci
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