Top 10 Artists That Should or Should Have Collaborated


The Top Ten

1 The Beatles And Led Zeppelin

This would sound really bad - Erucu

2 U2 And Pink Floyd
3 The Beatles And The Rolling Stones

This happened several times, check the movie "Rock and Roll Circus" for film evidence.

4 The Byrds and The Eagles

Yeah that's a great combination.the eagles and byrds are quite similar - zxm

5 Pink and Pink Floyd
6 AC/DC And Guns N' Roses

Would sound amazing. - Britgirl

7 Led Zeppelin And Black Sabbath

Sure...advanced life forms should ALWAYS collaborate with brain-damaged howler monkeys.

8 Queen and Kings of Leon
9 Madness and The Manic Street Preachers
10 Beck And U2

The Contenders

11 Green Day and Black Sabbath
12 Kendrick Lamar And NWA
13 Guns N Roses and The Stone Roses
14 Foo Fighters And Nirvana
15 Billy Ocean and Waterboys
16 Linkin Park And Green Day

Great! A double-powered cure for insomnia.

17 The Cars and Traffic

"John Barleycorn Must Be Just What I Needed"

"The Low Spark Of My Best Friend's Girl"

18 Avicii And Deadmau5
19 Echo and the Bunnymen and The Animals
20 Eminem And Linkin Park
21 Nirvana And Pixies
22 Avenged Sevenfold And Trivium
23 Sum 41 And Green Day
24 Avenged Sevenfold And Sum 41
25 Saint Asonia And Breaking Benjamin
26 Adam and the Ants and The Beatles
27 The Eagles and Pink Floyd

I would love to see them performing together - zxm

28 The Allman Brothers and The Outlaws
29 Blind Guardian and Iced Earth

A German and an American band but both bands play epic metal material and band members are friends. When Iced Earth play Germany, Hansi K├╝rsch usually joins them onstage and sings with them. - Metal_Treasure

30 Iron Maiden and Edguy
31 D12 and NWA
32 One Direction and Colony House
33 Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey
34 Eminem and Metallica
35 JoJo Siwa and Avenged Sevenfold
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1. The Beatles And Led Zeppelin
2. U2 And Pink Floyd
3. The Beatles And The Rolling Stones
1. The Byrds and The Eagles
2. Pink and Pink Floyd
3. Queen and Kings of Leon


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