Greatest As I Lay Dying Songs

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1 The Sound of Truth The Sound of Truth Cover Art

Gah this song is so amazing! I never really got into As I Lay Dying before, I heard a few of their songs like, but I came here and found this list, now I need to go out and buy this album, I learnt this song on guitar in about 30 mins, (hour to perfect) but considering its simplicity to learn its definitely one of the best Thankyou the-top-tens

This is my second favorite As I Lay Dying song, really powerful song, keeps me hooked all the way through every time. However My personal favorite is Morning Waits, but I don't see it.

This Song is definitely the best of As I Lay Dying... No offense...! Nice solo with killing riffs... Jordan was at his best in this song... Just can't get this song out of my head! Should be number 1

This is THE BEST song from As I Lay Dying! The lyrics say a lot and this song has just been a part of my life since the moment I heard it. It CAN ONLY BE NUMBER 1!

2 Parallels Parallels Cover Art

The guitar, the drumming, the vocal cracked my heart. I should sue as I lay dying for this... They deserve a punishment for making tears fill my eyes. This song made me piss on my pants.

Superb! Wow its really an incredible song. Great work guys... Just keep it up.. Its one of the most beautiful songs ever.. I just want to listen and listen again n again.

Very melodic... Josh's voice cracked my nuts when he sang the chorus. Tim's screaming gave me a soul. The guitar work is great! Good job nick and phil

What! Don't you people know that this song has ranked no.2 in top 10 metalcore songs. Best song by As I Lay Dying ever must be ranked number 1!

3 Nothing Left Nothing Left Cover Art

The first song I heard of this band... And it made me an AILD fan... Awesome!

This will totally get you into metalcore... Great work by the band.

Dang... Hard vote between this, confined and the sound of truth... But I had to pick this, Jordan's drumming just blew me away.

The best As I Lay Dying song I think. Great guitar and singing. Drums are awesome and it's a kick ass song.

Amazing balance between the melodic parts and the growl ones. I'm totally in love with this band!

4 Through Struggle Through Struggle Cover Art

This song should be #1 what? Gets you pumped and is a great song to listen to. Listen to this and tell me the 3 above it should be above it. They shouldn't. Forever should be higher up too, come on people! This is hands down the best song though

My favorite sounding riff in this song! The ending breakdown is the first breakdown to make my entire back hairs stand tall... Not to mention it's the first metalcore song I conquered on guitar m/m/

Best head banging song ever. Watch the music video and you'll wanna head bang your face off! Now vote for this song!

Simply brilliant... As I Lay Dying at their very best. This song, Confined, and Parallels are the top 3 for me.

5 Anodyne Sea Anodyne Sea Cover Art

This great Song will infect your mind! Just awesome.
Definitely deserves a place on top 3!
In my Opinion this is the best song from Aild.

Absolutely epic. Incredible breakdown. This is for sure As I Lay Dying'S greatest song ever.

Greatest breakdowns of as I lay dying is in this song.

Brutal breakdown!

6 The Darkest Nights The Darkest Nights Cover Art

Well, nothing in my opinion can be compared to sound of truth, but darkest nights totally seals the 2nd spot with awesome guitar riffs and an epic chorus!

This song should be at least the second. Clean chorus is so amazing, and the riff is so melodic. The Darkest Nights deserves higher place.

The chorus itself should put this at number 1. So loud, epic, and just so smooth. Great song. Heard it live, and just blew me away.

They are my favorite metalcore band of all time, and this song is great because they give it a really great feeling!

7 Confined Confined Cover Art

So much good songs... can't decide.. but I guess my number 1 is this piece, Forsaken, Nothing Left or The Sound Of Truth!

Awesome song that's all

#1. Every song they have is great- but this is by far the greatest hit.

8 Overcome Overcome Cover Art

Honestly, As I Lay Dying hasn't really produced a bad song, and dozens of their tracks could contend for the top spot.
Although this is true, 'Overcome' really showcases their true potential.
The instrumentation is top notch, and the vocals, both clean and unclean really stand out.
Everything about the song, down to the dying seconds, deserves every part of the top spot. A cracker of a song/band.
Rock on dudes m/

This song is a very fast paced masterpiece. From the Hardcore- reminiscent screaming, to the amazing and catchy clean vocals in the chorus, this song is by far my favorite from this As I Lay Dying fan.

Thanks to this Top Ten, I knew that song... Now it has become one of my favourites from this band. Its amazing!

this song is so amazing. Best song from Awakened for sure. Screaming is perfect, clean vocals are great, drums are sick, guitar and bass are both dope. What a song.

9 Anger and Apathy Anger and Apathy Cover Art

This song changed my life. It challenged me to look at myself and be better, not just for the betterment of self but for the benefit of all mankind. Every song on The Powerless Rise stripped away something that you thought defined you - exposing who you really are underneath, and none do this more than Anger and Apathy.

Not to mention the aggressive chugging, beautiful chorus, and breathtaking melodies (especially in the bridge) that bring it all together. Easily my favorite As I Lay Dying song, and perhaps one of my favorite songs of all time.

This song rings true on so many different levels. Everyone deals with a bit of duplicity in their lives, and in this song As I Lay Dying really drives home the concept that we need to strive for betterment in our lives, and that fighting for something that means everything to us is worth more than we give it credit for. "I need to burn inside, I need to know that you are alive. "

Life changer. the lyrics the melody the singing. I think to this day Powerless Rise is their TopTier Opus Magnus.

Too awesome... Whole Powerless Rise is a masterpiece

10 Paralyzed Paralyzed Cover Art

Paralyzed is by far my favorite song by As I Lay Dying. How isn't it at least in the top three?! The guitars in the beginning are totally epic, and the lyrics are awesome all the way through!

Paralysed so behind is surprising... It deserves at least a top 3 finish... The intro is the best intro of As I Lay Dying if not in all of metal core

This has the most amazing guitar riff at the beginning, it is the fight song on my IPod, long live METAL!

Purely amazing... This song deserves to be in the top 5 seriously. Tim's vocal style has improved a lot

The Contenders
11 An Ocean Between Us An Ocean Between Us Cover Art

This song deserves to be in the top 10 at least... sweet intro and guitar and is overall just bad ass

12 Resilience Resilience Cover Art

The breakdown from this song is just epic

My most listened to song of all-time!

13 Wrath Upon Ourselves Wrath Upon Ourselves Cover Art

Best As I Lay Dying song in my opinion. The intro is so powerful and has a ton of energy. Everything is so amazing. I can listen to it 10 times in a row and still love it.

Growlings followed by clean group vocals.. The best of As I Lay Dying.
This song deserves a better place

This is an awesome song, powerful and awesome drumming, brilliant song.

Best song ever

14 Within Destruction Within Destruction Cover Art

Come on guys this rocks. riffs and lyrics, everything. if I had to choose which is the best As I Lay Dying song, I would choose this but with big difficulty. As I Lay Dying rocks YEAH

Whats wrong, how came this song at 24.. If you are true fan of As I Lay Dying, then this song should be at top 5

This song is by far their best and you know it. If anyone of you were true fans you would agree.

15 Defender Defender Cover Art

It is an amazing song. I could listen to this for hours without getting bored. The guitar and vocals are absolutely awesome.

Never gets old! I've listened to this song hundreds of times and it is still the best song ever!

One of the most energizing and badass breakdowns in all of metalcore.

This is an amazing song. The Drum and bass in the intro is boss!

16 Condemned Condemned Cover Art

WHAT?! Why is this song down here?! Condemned is one of the best songs As I Lay Dying has ever made. Just listen to the bass and the combined guitars?!.. And that brake...

Very Brutal and Fast. I Love it. the Riffs are Hard to Play at such speed, the Drumming is Top Notch

No way this song isn't on the top 5

I agree this song is flippin bad ass m/

17 Forsaken Forsaken Cover Art

This song gives me chills. Probably my favorite drum fill in metal, and they follow it up with one of my favorite metal riffs. Easily their most powerful song musically, and only behind Sound of Truth lyrically.

ARE YOU JOKING. the riff here (the one around the chorus... the one that makes you headbang lol) is actually THE BEST diatonic riff in ALL of metalcore. (I say diatonic because bands like TBDM use chromatic riffs). simply based on the riff, this should be top 3, number 1 in my opinion.

A very overpowering song. My band played this and sound of truth for our school and made them our and aild's fans... We head banged a lot while playing and couldn't move our heads for three days after the show! Go aild!

I still don't understand how this is at 13 and not 1. One of the best metalcore songs ever. The riff alone can make a grown man cry, and there is nobody that can growl like Tim

18 Forever Forever Cover Art

#1 best song by them. ever! The guitar parts are amazing to listen to... the vocals are spine tingling and the depth of the song and the meaning in heart crushing. Amazing song for those who are going through some love problems and for fans who just love an amazing metal song!

This song is just awesome.. If you have fallen in love, you will make more sense to you. This song should be number one for sure

Every single thing is different and is filled with emotion and power

A great song about giving love away for someone's happiness.

19 War Ensemble War Ensemble Cover Art

Sounds like pure death metal but it's one of my favorite covers of all time

Great tune. reminds me of old school trash metal!

20 My Own Grave My Own Grave Cover Art

This should be in the top ten along with shaped by fire, gatekeeper, and redefined

A Great Return Song and it has all that makes As I Lay Dying great. it become a classic immedatly after it was released.

A brutal independence song from the return of Tim Lambesis.

Great song! And, clean vocals are fantastic! Great work guys!

21 94 Hours 94 Hours Cover Art

TWENTY SIX?! What? This is by far one of the greatest songs As I Lay Dying had ever done! The thrashy opening riff, the head banger breakdown, the crazy double bass, its all here!

Way too low on the list, better song than anything produced after An Ocean Between Us.

This is an amazing song, why isn't this in the top five of this list?

Epic song, very good riffs, 18th place is a disgrace, 1-5 somewhere.

22 Reinvention Reinvention Cover Art

It is unfortunate that the re-recording of this song did not make it onto a full length studio album. It did make it onto a compilation album though. I love this song. It was originally my least favorite of As I Lay Dying's original 5 from the split record with American Tragedy, but it has grown into my favorite. The Beginning has the best guitar intro, and Forever has the best lyrics, but Reinvention is the best song as a whole. The lyrics are brilliant, the guitars are awesome, and, despite not having a chorus, or perhaps because of it, it has never gotten old to me. No matter how many times I listen to it, I am always up for listening to it again. I never get sick of it.

23 Vacancy Vacancy Cover Art

I think so it should in the top 10.
Dis song is awesome and it make me energetic...!
People mst hear this song if they are a real fan of As I Lay Dying

This song is so epic it's ridiculous. I've heard it's actually illegal in 14 states.

So meaningful lyrics... Really affects me

Perfect song. 100% metalcore!

24 The Plague The Plague Cover Art

Should be top 5. Amazing song from their best album. Solo is amazing. This sing will get you pumped up from the start to the end

Sickest solo and lyrics As I Lay Dying has written. In my mind the only song tgat comes close to this is forever.

25 No Lungs to Breathe No Lungs to Breathe Cover Art

The guitar riffs are amazing. It is exciting and it should be rated higher than this. A fast tempo and gut wrenching bass guitar beats. The screaming is excellent as always.

What the hell is this song doing down here?! Brutal riffs! This song makes me wanna headbang so hard till my head falls off!

What the hell.. This song is awesome
M/ O. O m/

Total BA song! I saw the name of the song flippin thru YouTube and the name itself gave me chills. Definitely one of the best As I Lay Dying has ever made

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