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1 The Sound of Truth

I love this song. Lyrically brilliant. Overall the song is empowering. Best for sure, followed by Parallels

awesome starting, great solo
overall outstanding

the most amazing opening riff ever! This is my all time favorite band! but I don't think The blinding of false light should be on the top 10. condemned, anger and apathy is waaaaay better and so is "this is who we are".

Best metalcore song in history by the best metalcore band in history.

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2 Parallels

Very melodic... Josh's voice cracked my nuts when he sang the chorus. Tim's screaming gave me a soul. The guitar work is great! Good job nick and phil

gr8 song by the band. really awesome lyrics and the drums are outstanding like in a typical as I lay dying song. really cool.

Great solo... For me it's the best solo... Awesome song... A legend As I Lay Dying song... Its superb vocals make me heartthrobed every time... Its awesome

Best hands down

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3 Nothing Left

The first song I heard of this band... And it made me an AILD fan... Awesome!

This will totally get you into metalcore... Great work by the band.

Nothing left is my favorite song I've herd by them and it has yet to let me down with all of their new songs I love this one so much because the guitar solos are just amazing and the vocals are just outstanding the best part if the whole song and the reason it is so awesome is the opening with the guitar going dada the the dada this song just rocks my world

As I Lay Dying has really grew on me, this band and All That Remains are the best Metalcore bands out there at the moment. This song is just epic and the chorus really gets me pumped. LIKE THOSE GASPING, FOR THEIR LAST BREATH, WE CANNOT HIDE, THERE'S NOTHING LEEEFFT

This is the song that got me into As I Lay Dying. Hopefully Tim can get the band back together now that he’s out of prison. - DonaldTrump45

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4 Through Struggle

Best head banging song ever. Watch the music video and you'll wanna head bang your face off! Now vote for this song!

This song should be #1 what? Gets you pumped and is a great song to listen to. Listen to this and tell me the 3 above it should be above it. They shouldn't. Forever should be higher up too, come on people! This is hands down the best song though

Come guys all these songs are great but Through Struggle is just the most epic song, so good.

This is the only metalcore song that fprce my head to headbang glad this song is not on try tp headbang challenge in youtube

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5 Anodyne Sea

This great Song will infect your mind! Just awesome.
Definitely deserves a place on top 3!
In my Opinion this is the best song from Aild.

Absolutely epic. Incredible breakdown. This is for sure As I Lay Dying'S greatest song ever.

Greatest breakdowns of as I lay dying is in this song.

Brutal breakdown!

6 The Darkest Nights

The chorus itself should put this at number 1. So loud, epic, and just so smooth. Great song. Heard it live, and just blew me away.

its not heavy at all for an aild song, but the guitars and vocals awesome XD. they're one of my favourite bands. Underoath and As I Lay Dying are the best, and by far the most mature metalcore bands today!

Well, nothing in my opinion can be compared to sound of truth, but darkest nights totally seals the 2nd spot with awesome guitar riffs and an epic chorus!

No words to express how great it is..

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7 Confined

So much good songs... can't decide.. but I guess my number 1 is this piece, Forsaken, Nothing Left or The Sound Of Truth! - Flav

Awesome song that's all

8 Overcome

This song is a very fast paced masterpiece. From the Hardcore- reminiscent screaming, to the amazing and catchy clean vocals in the chorus, this song is by far my favorite from this As I Lay Dying fan.

this song is so amazing. Best song from Awakened for sure. Screaming is perfect, clean vocals are great, drums are sick, guitar and bass are both dope. What a song.

Thanks to this Top Ten, I knew that song... Now it has become one of my favourites from this band. Its amazing!

Best song they’ve ever made. - DonaldTrump45

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9 Wrath Upon Ourselves

Best As I Lay Dying song in my opinion. The intro is so powerful and has a ton of energy. Everything is so amazing. I can listen to it 10 times in a row and still love it.

This is an awesome song, powerful and awesome drumming, brilliant song. - EvilAngel

Growlings followed by clean group vocals.. The best of As I Lay Dying.
This song deserves a better place

Best song ever

10 Anger and Apathy

This song rings true on so many different levels. Everyone deals with a bit of duplicity in their lives, and in this song As I Lay Dying really drives home the concept that we need to strive for betterment in our lives, and that fighting for something that means everything to us is worth more than we give it credit for. "I need to burn inside, I need to know that you are alive. "

Too awesome... Whole Powerless Rise is a masterpiece - Mixer

This song changed my life. It challenged me to look at myself and be better, not just for the betterment of self but for the benefit of all mankind. Every song on The Powerless Rise stripped away something that you thought defined you - exposing who you really are underneath, and none do this more than Anger and Apathy.

Not to mention the aggressive chugging, beautiful chorus, and breathtaking melodies (especially in the bridge) that bring it all together. Easily my favorite As I Lay Dying song, and perhaps one of my favorite songs of all time.

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11 Defender

The best part is when he sings De-fen-der
Amazing song

It is an amazing song. I could listen to this for hours without getting bored. The guitar and vocals are absolutely awesome.

Never gets old! I've listened to this song hundreds of times and it is still the best song ever!

My favourite of them!

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12 Resilience

The breakdown from this song is just epic

My most listened to song of all-time!

13 Paralyzed

Paralyzed is by far my favorite song by As I Lay Dying. How isn't it at least in the top three?! The guitars in the beginning are totally epic, and the lyrics are awesome all the way through!

Paralysed so behind is surprising... It deserves at least a top 3 finish... The intro is the best intro of As I Lay Dying if not in all of metal core

This has the most amazing guitar riff at the beginning, it is the fight song on my IPod, long live METAL!

Don't mean others are not good,but Paralyzed is the best to me

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14 Forsaken

ARE YOU JOKING. the riff here (the one around the chorus... the one that makes you headbang lol) is actually THE BEST diatonic riff in ALL of metalcore. (i say diatonic because bands like TBDM use chromatic riffs). simply based on the riff, this should be top 3, number 1 imo.

A very overpowering song. My band played this and sound of truth for our school and made them our and aild's fans... We head banged a lot while playing and couldn't move our heads for three days after the show! Go aild!

The best hands down. I love every part of the song and it is hard for me to find a flawless song. This song should definitely be number 1.

This song gives me chills. Probably my favorite drum fill in metal, and they follow it up with one of my favorite metal riffs. Easily their most powerful song musically, and only behind Sound of Truth lyrically.

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15 An Ocean Between Us

This song deserves to be in the top 10 at least... sweet intro and guitar and is overall just bad ass

16 Within Destruction

Really only four percent YOU ALL SUCK! This song is by far their best and you know it if anyone of you were true fans you wold agree

Come on guys this rocks. riffs and lyrics, everything. if I had to choose which is the best As I Lay Dying song, I would choose this but with big difficulty. As I Lay Dying rocks YEAH

Whats wrong, how came this song at 24.. If you are true fan of As I Lay Dying, then this song should be at top 5

17 Forever

#1 best song by them. ever! The guitar parts are amazing to listen to... the vocals are spine tingling and the depth of the song and the meaning in heart crushing. Amazing song for those who are going through some love problems and for fans who just love an amazing metal song!

This song is just awesome.. If you have fallen in love, you will make more sense to you. This song should be number one for sure

Forever Your Eyes Will Hold The Memory! So Much Truth Is said In This Song... about Lost Love..

Every single thing is different and is filled with emotion and power

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18 Condemned

No way this song isn't on the top 5

I agree this song is flippin bad ass m/

WHAT?! Why the fu*k is this song doing down here?! Condemned is one of the best songs As I Lay Dying has ever made. Just listen to the bass and the combined guitars?!.. And that brake... REWWEWWAUEFHAGGHH!

19 94 Hours

Way too low on the list, better song than anything produced after An Ocean Between Us.

TWENTY SIX?! What? This is by far one of the greatest songs As I Lay Dying had ever done! The thrashy opening riff, the head banger breakdown, the crazy double bass, its all here!

This is an amazing song, why isn't this in the top five of this list?

Great song really got me into the band

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20 War Ensemble
21 Whispering Silence

Gosh! Why is it here?! It deserves at least the same place as Through Struggle.

This song is an easy top 10 and it's just as good as Defender if not better.

22 Vacancy

This song is so epic it's ridiculous. I've heard it's actually illegal in 14 states.

So meaningful lyrics... Really affects me

Perfect song. 100% metalcore!

I think so it should in the top 10.
Dis song is awesome and it make me energetic...!
People mst hear this song if they are a real fan of As I Lay Dying

23 This is Who We Are

This song is amazing, should be in top tens

This is better than Forsaken. Just saying. - xEJD-

Come on people this IS Awesome

Nice song

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24 Reinvention

It is unfortunate that the re-recording of this song did not make it onto a full length studio album. It did make it onto a compilation album though. I love this song. It was originally my least favorite of As I Lay Dying's original 5 from the split record with American Tragedy, but it has grown into my favorite. The Beginning has the best guitar intro, and Forever has the best lyrics, but Reinvention is the best song as a whole. The lyrics are brilliant, the guitars are awesome, and, despite not having a chorus, or perhaps because of it, it has never gotten old to me. No matter how many times I listen to it, I am always up for listening to it again. I never get sick of it. - Mightyena5875345

25 I Never Wanted

This song is very inspirational for me musically and I like how different it is than most as I lay dying songs are structured. I wish this song would be in the top 10. Also, the music video is pretty cool too and I enjoyed all the live footage that was included with it!

How is this not in the top ten? It may be one of their slower songs, but slower doesn't always mean that it's boring. This is absolutely one of their best songs ever written!

Song is a very strong track off a very amazing album. I honestly do not understand why this is not in the top 10. Let's get it up there. Just because it's slow doesn't mean it's not good! It's one of the best song I've heard from them.

It gives us power to move back from something,turn arund and take a revenge...epic song my 2nd favorite...and 1st? well, overcome

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26 A Greater Foundation

This is such a great song. There is no doubt in my mind that it deserves to be in the Top Five at least.

One of the best songs by As I lay Dying, Needs to be number 1!

The best metalcore song ever!

Best Song of them!

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27 The Plague

Should be top 5. Amazing song from their best album. Solo is amazing. This sing will get you pumped up from the start to the end

Sickest solo and lyrics As I Lay Dying has written. In my mind the only song tgat comes close to this is forever.

28 Elegy

I'm addicted to the 2nd riff simply amazing please listen to it

29 Morning Waits

My second favorite song ever. Confined changed my music life so that'll always be my #1. But this is a very close second. So so so underrated.

This song has to be one of their best and most underrated songs. The guitar is just sweet throughout the song and the chorus and ending is, simply put, bad ass.

30 No Lungs to Breathe

The guitar riffs are amazing. It is exciting and it should be rated higher than this. A fast tempo and gut wrenching bass guitar beats. The screaming is excellent as always.

What the hell is this song doing down here?! Brutal riffs! This song makes me wanna headbang so hard till my head falls off!

What the hell.. This song is awesome
M/ O. O m/

Total BA song! I saw the name of the song flippin thru YouTube and the name itself gave me chills. Definitely one of the best As I Lay Dying has ever made

31 The Truth of My Perception
32 Illusions
33 Wasted Words


34 Upside Down Kingdom

SHOCKED to see this song at such a low position... Definitely deserves to be in the best 5 songs of AILD. Please give it a try.

How can this be so low? The guitar in the beginning has one of the best sounds that I've heard in an As I Lay Dying song. The chorus in this song is just as incredible. Certainly deserves to be higher.

This is one of the most awesome pump up songs I know.

35 Meaning in Tragedy
36 Cauterize

This is their best song! The breakdown is awesome. One of the best breakdowns I have ever heard!

This really needs to be in the top 5! Come on people!

Amazing song! Vote and get it up in the top 3!

Way too far down the list!

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37 The Only Constant is Change
38 My Only Home

How in the world is this not higher on the list!?!?!. It defiantly is one of As I Lay Dyings best song, the chorus is very catchy and verses are brutal. It's such an underrated song give it a listen guys! It needs to be in the top 5, top 10 at least!

It has to be in the top 10 dam the chorus is too crazy and the solo is intense this song made me love As I Lay Dying even more.

It has the best of cleans, riffs, leads etc should be on top 10!

Vocally The Best Song From "Awakened" awesome chorus/verse riffs, from 2:10 through to the end is pure epicness!

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39 Bury Us All
40 Beyond Our Suffering
41 The Beginning

Are a great song, why is so low?

42 Song 10

Intro is my favorite

43 The Blinding of False Light

Are you kidding me?! This song should be in the top 10. The main riff will blow your mind at its technicality. The breakdown is so brutal, and the chorus is so awe inspiring.

44 Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier

This song is amazing if you read this and haven't heard this listen to it now! This should be in the top ten.

First song I listened to AMAZING one love it so much. And sometimes it makes me cry

45 Reflection

This a song that isn't very popular, but I can't see why it isn't. Really good tempo, with catchy harmonized guitar riffs and the double kick is just crazy. Definitely check this one out!

The intro is what makes this song amazing. Sure, there are other awesome songs by this band, but Reflection deserves more recognition.

The intro alone makes this song amazing. Just listen to that riff and tell me that is not purely badass.

Best song ever! I am die hard As I Lay Dying fan and I agree with the top 5 atm nut once I got told about this song I had about 30 plays after obe day. I guarantee youll get hooked on it!

46 Repeating Yesterday

If you ever had a repeating troubled time then listen to this song it will help you cope. What is it doing way down here? Should be some where on top ten definitely.

Hear this song and you will immediately fall in love, can't believe it wasn't on the list... Vote quickly and if you don't know it then get it - fmukitale

47 My Own Grave - As I Lay Dying

A brutal independence song from the return of Tim Lambesis.

Great song! And, clean vocals are fantastic! Great work guys!

First song heard by them... but not the last one. Great from start to finish, but the intro is haunting me.

48 Moving Forward

Listen to all Decas tracks. They made my pants wet... This song is really epic

I'm voting for this song because I think it should be in their top 10. I like the mix of cleans and screams and the solo is insane I honestly think its Hippas best solo plus the chorus is very catchy indeed! P. S why isn't 'Reflection' off the album 'Shadows Are Security' on this list?

49 Comfort Betrays

It has everything you want in an AILD song. Fast riffs, great drumming, Tim's awesome vocals, breakdowns, and a phenomenal solo. What more can you ask for?

One of the heaviest, darkest, and most powerful songs in metal. Number 50 is a clear mistake - xEJD-

50 Falling Upon Deaf Ears

This overall a great song. should be much higher

Maybe not their best overall, but it's so good live, the whole crowd headbanging in tandem.

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