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21 Vacancy

This song is so epic it's ridiculous. I've heard it's actually illegal in 14 states.

So meaningful lyrics... Really affects me

Perfect song. 100% metalcore!

I think so it should in the top 10.
Dis song is awesome and it make me energetic...!
People mst hear this song if they are a real fan of As I Lay Dying

22 This Is Who We Are

This song is amazing, should be in top tens

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23 Reinvention

It is unfortunate that the re-recording of this song did not make it onto a full length studio album. It did make it onto a compilation album though. I love this song. It was originally my least favorite of As I Lay Dying's original 5 from the split record with American Tragedy, but it has grown into my favorite. The Beginning has the best guitar intro, and Forever has the best lyrics, but Reinvention is the best song as a whole. The lyrics are brilliant, the guitars are awesome, and, despite not having a chorus, or perhaps because of it, it has never gotten old to me. No matter how many times I listen to it, I am always up for listening to it again. I never get sick of it. - Mightyena5875345

24 94 Hours

Way too low on the list, better song than anything produced after An Ocean Between Us.

TWENTY SIX?! What? This is by far one of the greatest songs As I Lay Dying had ever done! The thrashy opening riff, the head banger breakdown, the crazy double bass, its all here!

This is an amazing song, why isn't this in the top five of this list?

Great song really got me into the band

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25 I Never Wanted

This song is very inspirational for me musically and I like how different it is than most as I lay dying songs are structured. I wish this song would be in the top 10. Also, the music video is pretty cool too and I enjoyed all the live footage that was included with it!

How is this not in the top ten? It may be one of their slower songs, but slower doesn't always mean that it's boring. This is absolutely one of their best songs ever written!

Song is a very strong track off a very amazing album. I honestly do not understand why this is not in the top 10. Let's get it up there. Just because it's slow doesn't mean it's not good! It's one of the best song I've heard from them.

Love love love this song its just amazing! Number one!

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26 A Greater Foundation

This is such a great song. There is no doubt in my mind that it deserves to be in the Top Five at least.

One of the best songs by As I lay Dying, Needs to be number 1!

The best metalcore song ever!

Best Song of them!

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27 The Plague

Should be top 5. Amazing song from their best album. Solo is amazing. This sing will get you pumped up from the start to the end

Sickest solo and lyrics As I Lay Dying has written. In my mind the only song tgat comes close to this is forever.

28 Elegy

I'm addicted to the 2nd riff simply amazing please listen to it

29 Morning Waits

My second favorite song ever. Confined changed my music life so that'll always be my #1. But this is a very close second. So so so underrated.

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30 No Lungs to Breathe

The guitar riffs are amazing. It is exciting and it should be rated higher than this. A fast tempo and gut wrenching bass guitar beats. The screaming is excellent as always.

What the hell is this song doing down here?! Brutal riffs! This song makes me wanna headbang so hard till my head falls off!

Total BA song! I saw the name of the song flippin thru YouTube and the name itself gave me chills. Definitely one of the best As I Lay Dying has ever made

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31 The Truth of My Perception
32 Illusions
33 Wasted Words
34 Upside Down Kingdom

SHOCKED to see this song at such a low position... Definitely deserves to be in the best 5 songs of AILD. Please give it a try.

How can this be so low? The guitar in the beginning has one of the best sounds that I've heard in an As I Lay Dying song. The chorus in this song is just as incredible. Certainly deserves to be higher.

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35 Cauterize

This is their best song! The breakdown is awesome. One of the best breakdowns I have ever heard!

This album came out yesterday. When I got it this was awesome. My
Favorite is actually whispering silence, but I didn't see it on here. They way
He growls and screams in cauterize is awesome and they they fuze singing
And growling is just awesome!

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36 The Only Constant Is Change
37 My Only Home

How in the world is this not higher on the list!?!?!. It defiantly is one of As I Lay Dyings best song, the chorus is very catchy and verses are brutal. It's such an underrated song give it a listen guys! It needs to be in the top 5, top 10 at least!

It has to be in the top 10 dam the chorus is too crazy and the solo is intense this song made me love As I Lay Dying even more.

It has the best of cleans, riffs, leads etc should be on top 10!

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38 Bury Us All
39 Beyond Our Suffering
40 Meaning in Tragedy
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