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1 Courtney Gripling Courtney Gripling

Now this is a gal who I like due to the fact that she isn't as stereotypical as she seems. In fact, I wouldn't mind befriending her if I'm her age.

A prime example of that just because you may be in love with yourself and more into your own stuff rather than others that that does not make you necessarily mean spirited or so. Also one of the characters which grows the most in the show and for a good cause and all.

Better friend than that Dodie! I hope a big, ugly moose farts in Dodies face!

Wicked game should tell you why I love Courtney

2 Ginger Foutley Ginger Foutley

I find her interesting due to my personality's being like hers except that I'm more serious and less social than her.

Cute, natural and an overall relate able character.

3 Darren Patterson

Not much to him till later episodes.

4 Carl Foutley

Amusing when terrorizing Brandon.

5 Miranda Killgallen Miranda Killgallen

I may not love her.But at least, I read that she mellowed out later on in the series.

Miranda is an interesting antagonist, I actually like her but when your up against Dodie for who is more likeable, anything is possible.

I like her, she's pretty and made the show interesting. We knew she was meant to be the bad girl but somehow Dodie took over that role. Supposed to be Gingers friend yet she is quite obviously the opposite! I understand the moose farting on Dodie Bishops face also.

Miranda is evil in a cute way where as Dodie Bishop is evil in a "she wants a moose to fart on her face" way.

6 Hoodsey Bishop

He's quite cute and at least likeable in comparison to his attention whore of a sister.

What he should be at least in the top three! He is so sweet and funny!

I remember not really liking him and was always bored of him and the brothers stories. But then I realised watched it and he is a really sweet little guy lol ano unrecognised hero

Why is he not above Dodie Bishops? Courtney is my favorite but Hoodsey is a close second! I'm also up for a hairy moose to fart on Dodie's face and I want it filmed and broadcasted for everyone to see.

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7 Lois Foutley

VERY amusing women though and tolerable woman.

As told by Killer Croc: I like her.

Anyone is better than Dodie, my real favorite is Ginger but Dodie needs to get to the bottom and stop resisting a mooses fart on her big, sweaty face.

8 Macie Lightfoot Macie Lightfoot

"Good gracious, woman! "
I love how she doesn't hold back to point out Dodie's overdramatic antics.
Also let the moose fart on Dodie's face.

9 Blake Gripling

Dodie honestly needs a wake up call. How do you ask? Of course I am in total agreement that she needs a big, hairy moose to launch a large, stinky, eggy fart right in her self indulged face. If they ever feel the need to bring this show back I'm sure we can all agree that we want to see a moose fart in Dodies face! Who is with me? I'm voting for Blake only to knock this fart face off the charts. I have just re watched the series and can't believe how vulgar of a character she is.

Characters cute you can't help but feel sorry for the guy.

My favourite is Courtney but Didier should not be in the top 10! Hell to the no!

10 Melissa "Mipsy" Mipson

Only voting for her to knock Dodie off the top 10's, lets get a petition going for a moose to fart in Dodie's face - BriannaPinero

She is hot!

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11 Dodie Bishop Dodie Bishop

The most irritating character on the show, it's bewildering how she has any friends and her face is extremely annoying. I swear she has a girl crush on Courtney. Her face is punchable.

12 Ian Richton
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