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asdfmovie is a series of comedic skits on YouTube. Currently there are ten in the series. But which are the best?

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1 asdfmovie4

The franticness and rapid but hilarious jokes in this one make it the best. - InklingSethO

The Science Show- the best asdfmovie segment ever. - GrapeJuiceK

The Science Show! - AliciaMae

2 asdfmovie2

I like trains is a classic.

I like trains - InklingSethO


3 asdfmovie6

Arguably the most iconic asdfmovie, this one contains "everyone do the flop", an instant classic. - InklingSethO

4 asdfmovie7

Edgy humor works. - InklingSethO

Aaah that is weird

5 asdfmovie9

The comeback of the I Like Trains Kid and many original jokes make this one great. - InklingSethO

6 asdfmovie5
7 asdfmovie10

The newest installment does very well for a nine year old series. Beep beep. I'm a sheep. - InklingSethO

Yes, this and 7 are amazing.

8 asdfmovie8

Decent, but had a bit too much of an emphasis on babies. - InklingSethO

9 asdfmovie

Honestly, the first one was a bit mediocre compared to the others. - InklingSethO

10 asdfmovie3

I felt like this one was a snoozefest, excluding the "punching your salad" and "die potato" skits. - InklingSethO

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1. asdfmovie4
2. asdfmovie6
3. asdfmovie2
1. asdfmovie4
2. asdfmovie2
3. asdfmovie5



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