Best Asian National Anthems


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1 Jana Gana Mana - India

It is proud to be a indian

Best country in world is India


Its beautiful

2 Amar Shonar Bangla - Bangladesh

Very beautiful

Is Bangladeshi Anthem song written by Rabindranath Tagore... he is a very best poet in the world and he written Sri Lanka and Indian National Anthem too..

It's just so cool

My favorite Asian national anthem is Bangladesh - CanadaMiner

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3 Hatikvah - Israel

The melody might sound a bit depressing at first, but the lyrics are incredibly optimistic and hopeful (Hatikvah in Hebrew means "The Hope") and can fit both sad and happy events

I am from Israel and I feel very spirited,calm,and happy of the music.

This thing is s hi t

4 Qaumi Tarana - Pakistan

Its describe the cause of nation

Pakistans anthem is truly the best, it has a beautiful meaning, Pakistan Zindabad!

It is the best because Pakistani National Anthem words having deep Meanings.

Best national anthem and better then america and india and israel

5 Indonesia Raya - Indonesia

Only Indonesian people who can be proud to tears when hear this song. When hearing it, the faces of all their heroes will be coming in their heads, automatically. This is a very deep song.

This national anthem is very powerful and awakening for us indonesians. We all Remembered it and its easy to sing

I have no word to say, from my view this is the best National Anthem on the world! I love how the lyrics and the music fit perfectly and create goosebumps to every person who sre listening to it. I'm talking about the 3 Stanza

Best anthem

6 Lupang Hinirang - Philippines


Inspires me

It shows the bravery and the patriotism of every filipinos. Proud and thankful of god given gift.

Proud To Be Filipino

7 Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka - Nepal


Nepali national anthem is the best because it tells that hundred of flowers one garland we all Nepali means that there are hundreds of flowers in one garland and it tells that we are one

It says about our history, geography, races, languages, religions, and culture.

I love Nepal

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8 Sri Lanka Matha - Sri Lanka

It's very beautiful.
The meanings of the words and how it's put together is really nice.

Its beautiful. Its Like rising up. From the world

Best national anthem ever

It is heart touching words

9 Kimigayo - Japan

It has so little words (shortest anthem in the world), yet its packs a lot of meaning (like many poems do). Mostly about praising the Emperor, though. And the fact that it was used back in the days of the empire might turn some people off. But it fits Japan as a whole, though it would be much more suited as a royal anthem in my opinion. - Midiot

10 Tiến Quân Ca - Vietnam

Brave people, brave country

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11 Majulah Singapura - Singapore

It galvanizes the nation to move the country forward in so very few sentences with such a moving music! Simply loves it.

12 Russian National Anthem - Russia

Technically, Russia is European, but I voted anyway.

CYKA BLYAT(i don't speak russian =( )

13 Aegukga - South Korea
14 Mongol Ulsiin Turiin Duulal - Mongolia

So beautiful. The tune is gorgeous! Go Mongolia!

It's one of the best anthems out there. - CobaltCards

15 Phleng Chat - Thailand

Best national anthem

The best

16 March of the Volunteers - China

The most powerful country on earth duh

17 Azerbaycan Marsi - Azerbaijan

It's so menacing sounding you'd think it was an Ottoman anthem (which, given Azerbaijan's relation to Turkey, isn't so impossible). It's really good that it sounds like the song a villain sings in an opera (and it fits if you're Armenian/a journalist). It brings a lot of might to a small Eurasian country, which is impressive. - Midiot

18 İstiklal Marşı - Turkey


19 Fida'i - Palestine
20 Ishy Bilady - United Arab Emirates
21 Koulouna Lil Watan - Lebanon
22 Humāt ad-Diyār - Syria
23 Aegukka - North Korea

I think this is one of the best Anthem in the world.
If there is the Russia Anthem, there is North Korea Anthem in Asia.

24 Negaraku - Malaysia
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