Top 10 Asian Pvp'ers of McPe 2016


The Top Ten

1 FantasticToast

Very good non-split uses tricks or not I don't know

Toast W10!

Reach op :(

2 SodiumGameZ

Very good strafes

3 MichPlayz

Amazing pvper


MichPlayz aimbot don't put him here he hack

~ Player_13

4 PocketBlockHD

Global - Top 30
Asia - Should Be Top 5
He is really good at pvp and his circle strafe is BOMB. Sure, he is not the best but lets say there are only 100 good pvpers. And among that 100 good pvpers he would rank 20-30 HONESTLY

5 AciDicRaiiNz
6 Minifiregamer

Asian living in the UK lol

Mini ain't asian :P

7 Approvings
8 iPureInsanity

His a Filipino, and has a rly good strafes and combo

He's a Filipino PvPer, Very good strafes.

9 iFiqhtJay
10 AndyForce

The Contenders

11 Uncletom7892
12 Insan1ty

He destroyed rockymcpe, and many more

13 IGapple_FaZe

Great pot Pvper Buhc and Amazing Strafes

He's A Great PvPer Unstoppable Get Some Insane Combos

I would say he's top 30

14 AA12

AA12 Is one of the most good Asian PvPer He rekts SG, Has Rekt his buddies such as Chaotic King Jones and Action

15 AsianPvP
16 FqdeTheLoner
17 BradesPlays
18 iAmComboZ
19 Sqilled
20 xChqrlez

He playe cs that's why he is good

21 Pure_Skit
22 Qcraftpe
23 xTridentStrqm
24 AcceptanceMC

This Guys Is Awesome at strafe and matches up to Loqical or Sodium, Past member of IF (Disbanded) (Infamous) A Very Strong clan consisting of Zach Okuhan Silent

25 iCyrusillesQG

Miss this guy :(
he's rlly good at pvp but inactive cause school
he is also lagger

26 Zach4444


27 The1nonlynickmc
28 xJqstin/xSwornity
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