Top Ten Most Asinine Combinations of Writers Ever

The Top Ten Most Asinine Combinations of Writers Ever

1 P.G. Wodehouse and Shakespeare

"Farewell, my love," whispered Juliet, and sighed.
"Farewell, my love," whispered Romeo, and sighed. "My heart is heavy," Romeo adds as an afterthought.
"Why? " Juliet wails.
"Because," Romeo responds tenderly, "You stink like a pig." He turns to Jeeves. "What the heck are ye starin' at, ye ass? We was gonna kiss." - HezarioSeth

2 Stephen King and Enid Blyton

"We must find Mr. Goon," Julian whispered, rising.
"Hear, hear! " Fatty and Betsy cry out.
"We must hunt him down," Julian whispered.
"Hear, hear! " Fatty and Betsy cry out, emotionally.
"And we shall win this war," Julian roared.
"We'll kill the ' loony! " Anne shrieks. - HezarioSeth

Fatty: I'm pretty much smarter than all of you and I'm not boasting! - Kiteretsunu

Haha lolz, Kiteret! I remember that one and that's what I love about Fatty! - HezarioSeth

3 Suzanne Collins and Herge

Tintin stooped to glance at the muddy footprint. "Hallo, what's this? " He exclaims, catching sight of a piece of paper.
Snowy barks excitedly.
"Quiet, boy," Tintin reproached, absentmidedly killing the dog. - HezarioSeth

4 Michael Grant and Jerome K. Jerome

We felt completely at peace with the world, George, Harris, and I, now that we had eaten. We felt so forgiving and loving, and noble emotions arose within us. Suddenly Sam and the Gaiaphage appeared. We invited them lovingly onto the boat, and I offered the boy a cup of tea. Poor boy, just as he held the cup that dirty light beams oozed out and melted it. What a to-do. I then proceeded to offer a slice of ham to the Gaiaphage, who was growing to be a healthy boy, but as he was trying to act cool, and I left the radioactive idiot mumbling something about Little Pete. - HezarioSeth

5 O. Henry and John Conrad

Shamrock Jolnes beamed and offered a cup of juice to Lord Jim. Lord Jim snorted. - HezarioSeth

6 Douglas Adams and Socrates

I'd LOVE to see this. They would be the first two people that I would bring back from the dead. - PositronWildhawk

Brand new genre of philosophical humour. Piece of junk. - HezarioSeth

7 P.G. Wodehouse and Agatha Christie

The final murder will have you laughing like anything! - HezarioSeth

8 Jeffery Archer and Dr.Suess

"In 'Shall We Eat The Green Eggs? ', the magnificent collaboration between Jeffery Archer and Dr. Suess, the twist in the climax is superbly stunning, where Sam-I-Am decides to eat the green eggs and ham. A wonderful read." The New York Times - HezarioSeth

9 Raymond Chandler and Norman Peale

Reading their murder stories makes you feel that life is worth living after all. - HezarioSeth

10 J. K. Rowling & Douglas Adams

The Contenders

11 Alistair Maclean and P.G. Wodehouse

And the traitor-amongst-us is... Lord Emsworth! - HezarioSeth

12 J. R. R. Tolkien & Charles Dickens
13 Jeff Kinney and Dav Pilkey
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