Top 10 Most Asinine and Insane Titles for a Peanuts Special

The list that compiles all the asinine title ideas for a Peanuts special. A pity that Schulz died and have never got the chance to see his works ruined by me.

The Top Ten

1 Mr. T Pities a Fool Like You, Charlie Brown
2 You Got AIDS, Charlie Brown 

You got AIDS Charlie Brown, now, I guess its time to die. - Catacorn

3 It's Happy Final Solution Day, Charlie Brown!

Don't forget to cook the jews on your Easy Bake Oven, Charlie Brown! - StephanTheIdiot

4 Be Aware Charlie Brown, The Great Pumpkin is on the Loose! (And He's Coming for You!)
5 Don't Touch a Black Man's D**k, Charlie Brown
6 You're Going to Hell, Charlie Brown 

Or the alternative title would be "You're a Sinner, Charlie Brown" - StephanTheIdiot

7 Your Mother Was a Good Hoe, Charlie Brown
8 The Peanuts Gang: Bloodline
9 Good Grief! There's a List About You, Charlie Brown!

Any lists made by me, is a direct insult to humanity and the person that the list that talks about. - StephanTheIdiot

10 Charlie Brown! You Killed Snoopy! You Sick Bastard!

The Newcomers

? Let’s join the KKK, Charlie Brown!
? You’re in North Korea, Charlie Brown!

The Contenders

11 That Was the Horniest Christmas Ever, Charlie Brown
12 Lucy Van Pelt is Your Wife Now, Charlie Brown

Poor Charlie Brown.

13 It's Suicide Bombing Time, Charlie Brown!
14 Let's Do 9/11, Charlie Brown!
15 9/11 Is Funny, Charlie Brown!
16 Be My Waifu, Charlie Brown!
17 Drink Bleach, Charlie Brown!
18 Drop the Gun, Charlie Brown
19 That's Some Fine Drugs, Charlie Brown
20 You're in Iraq, Charlie Brown
21 It's International Hang Yourself Day, Charlie Brown!

Rip. - Catacorn

22 Light the Candles, Oh Charlie Brown
23 Charlie Brown Takes Drugs
24 It's Treblinka II, Charlie Brown
25 Off to Gulag Now, Charlie and Linus
26 Anne Frank is Your Mother, Charlie Brown
27 It's the Flat Earth, Charlie Brown
28 Snoopy Started Believing that Earth is Flat
29 Linus Poisoned His Sister by Cyklon B, Charlie Brown
30 Charlie Brown Must Die
31 Let’s Shoot Up a School, Charlie Brown
32 Let’s Go to North Korea and Die, Charlie Brown
33 You’re a Muslim now, Charlie Brown
34 You’re going to Auschwitz, Charlie Brown!
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