Top Ten Asinine Places to Play Ringa-ringa-roses With a Random Stranger


The Top Ten

1 At a funeral.

Won't be funny. Oh no. Dance with the dead bloke's family member. Eh? No, I don't know if you'll die in the next minute or the next five... - HezarioSeth

2 At a marriage when the two lovebirds are going to peck.

They'll look up at you with a what-the-heck-is-going-on expression. - HezarioSeth

3 At a noisy mall.

Nobody'll hear you. Hopefully. Everyone will see you. Damn! - HezarioSeth

4 At a quiet museum.

If there's no one else, grab the watchman and play it with him. - HezarioSeth

5 While going to work.

Forgot to do the bally morning exercise? Try this formula! Sure to keep down the weight. Hehe. - HezarioSeth

6 In the lift.

The lift has a weeny little chance of breaking off it's hinges... Heck! - HezarioSeth

7 In your boss' office.

Get the snob/boss to participate! - HezarioSeth

8 While emotionally patriotic people are belting out the national anthem.

This won't be pretty... Oh no... Oh no. Oh no! ARGH! - HezarioSeth

9 While murdering a purple-eared pig.

Play it with the damn piggy, and then do 'i'm in. - HezarioSeth

10 While yawning.
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