Top Ten Asinine and Random Reasons Why I Made This List

The Top Ten

1 Because I was watching a Hello Kitty movie when a supersonic donkey plane crashed into my stove and made it sizzle and I got angry and stormed out of my house to buy French Fries and eat it with cement and candle wax and sweet corn chicken soup.

That lunch must have been nasty. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 Because Obama came to my house and asked me if he could get a loan of five cents and I asked why he wanted a loan of five cents and he said it's because he wanted a loan of five cents and I asked him why and he said the future of all America is at stake.

Great reason to make this list! - keyson

That's the best reason

And funny reason too! - funnyuser

3 Because I was bored and monotonous. Bored and monotonous. Bored. And monotonous. Bored, yes. And monotonous. Bored, yes. But monotonous? Yes, that too. Bored and - you guessed it, monotonous.

Well, I'm always super charged and active when I create my lists. If I'm not for some reason, I take a break.
And if I'm bored, no way I would make a list then. - Kiteretsunu

Well, I guess that's a bad quirk of mine, Kieretsun! I just wanted to make lots of lists and I guess I made a mistake here... I think I'll take your advice, thanks for it, and bye! - HezarioSeth

Funny reason! Sound what I would say! - funnyuser

4 Because pigeons can't fly if you staple their wings.
5 Because three billion years ago when all was calm and quiet Jeeves the butler and Sherlock Holmes and Percy Jackson and Katniss Everdeen and Justin Bieber and The Hulk were having a get-together. Duh.

I really don't know what to say, than haha! - funnyuser

6 Because chickens always cross the road with fat-headed zebras and then they get killed and transmogrify into the BigMac.
7 I'm Bored
8 Because hippo milk is pink in color.

Really? Or is this just a joke item? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

9 I Wonder Who Will Vote On This List
10 I Want to See People's Comments On This List

The Contenders

11 Because this list is random and if this list is random, then obviously it's random, and if it's random, it follows that in 1867 a thin skinny man was snoring and if that is so, then this list has to be random, and hence this list is random. Perfect logic.

Yep, she is correct.

Ha ha ha ha! Perfect logic, so true. - funnyuser

The TopTens has finally got to you! A great list! - Britgirl

Haha lols! Thanks, Britgirl! But if this list is even slightly amusing, it's because I've been reading your lists and Posron's and Ksunu's and Keyson's, some of which are so very random and fun... God bless!

12 My Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Gave Me the Gift to Make This List
13 I Can't Think of Anything Else
14 Because Your Underwear Was to Tight While You Were Eat Breakfast In a Tornado at McDonalds

This is so arbitrarily funny! Who added it? - HezarioSeth


15 I Just Thought of It
16 Because ha. And hu. Eh? No! Ya... Hm. Oh - er, oops? Ah. Hehehe. Oh.... Yo! Because this item is the worst of them all. The rest of this itme has been deleted due to the relative stupidity of the part-time lunatic/criminal boss HezarioSeth. Eh? Oh.

Even more logical then my idea - FrankP

I'll now laugh like a lunatic : Hehehehehe hohohoho I'm a hobo! Hehe ha hehe moohahaaha hehehee moo neigh! That is it this is the worst and funniest comment of all. Heheehe, yes. - funnyuser

17 It's Quick and Easy
18 Because this list is boring. Boring is list this because. Is this boring list because. This because is list boring. If you throw a Ferrari at a preying mantis it won't be able to do the St. Vitus dance.
19 Because Justin Bieber got arrested

Oh great. Another list with Justin on itl - Minecraftcrazy530

20 Because I'm Sleepy
21 Because orange peels and ugly donkeys like to do the HULA!
22 Because Comedy
23 Because Anime Sucks
24 I was watching Big Brother, than an anvil fell on my head. I realized how bad Big Brother and Nicki Minaj are. That's all I needed to tell you. And that HezarioSeth did not create this item. I would say more, but now I'm gonna torture Fanboy and Chum Chum
25 Because Chuck Norris likes spider weasels and cat snakes
26 Because potatoes
27 Because this list was featured in Sharknado 69 where they finally killed April after over 120 times cheating death.
28 I Just Started Typing This List and Couldn't Stop
29 It's Purely Random
30 I Was Sick and Bored In Bed
31 It's Fun to Make
32 (Hopefully) I Will Get More Followers
33 It's Stupid
34 Because I Ran out of List ideas
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