Top Ten Asinine Words the Oxford Folks Will Never Add to Their Dictionary

The Top Ten

1 HezarioSeth

Gr... Never shall they touch this word of lameness! Never! The world will not tolerate. - HezarioSeth

Will my list get disapproved because of this profane item, Mr. Admin? - HezarioSeth

2 Uuuuaueuioueiu

Rather hard to pronounce. - HezarioSeth

3 Oeroqiunveounoqi

It sounds like a ghetto name. I can't even pronounce this. And if this word was added, what would it mean? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 Bungabungabongabubbles
5 Slimesmile

It sounds cute. Maybe it could be a face that people make whenever they're happy. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Describes my smile to a nicety. - HezarioSeth

Maybe they can add this... Why not! - Kiteretsunu

6 Ockraenztroptism

The process of - er... - HezarioSeth

7 Maeaeaenpakkapukka

The sound observed when farting during a hollering competition. - HezarioSeth

8 Botootoootoooot

Boots, and more botoots. - HezarioSeth

9 Quinaeryaezexisaem

Will the Ox chaps, in a moment of vulnerable weakness, accept this phrase of profanity? Only time will tell... - HezarioSeth

10 Abrillycadsgillyhadhadhog

Ah... I see. Do you? Eh? Ah. - HezarioSeth

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