Top 10 Asking Alexandria Songs That Deserve More Fame


The Top Ten

1 Run Free

Amazing song, one of their best in my opinion, should have more fame and recognition - EvilAngel

2 Someone, Somewhere

Isn't that well known, but it should be because it's a great song - EvilAngel

3 A Prophecy

A Prophecy is one of their two most well known songs, but it's still here in this list simply because it's not as famous as The Final Episode but I think it should be because it's even better. The Final Episode is a great song too, but I think A Prophecy is the best song by Asking Alexandria - EvilAngel

4 Dear Insanity

Great song that isn't as well known as The Final Episode, A Prophecy, Closure, and Not The American Average - EvilAngel

5 Right Now (Na Na Na)

The original Akon song is obviously very famous but Asking Alexandria 's cover of it isn't, but they made a good job of covering it - EvilAngel

6 A Lesson Never Learned

Pretty underrated to be honest, start voting!

Pobably their most underrated song yet! Its one of my all time favourites from them :) come on people, vote this!

7 Believe
8 Don't Pray for Me

A great song from their new album From Death To Destiny. Not very long but it has the same feel as a Slipknot song in parts. The intro is amazing and the chorus blows you away.

9 The Match
10 The Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel)
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