Top 10 Aspects of Bad Parenting

The Top Ten Aspects of Bad Parenting

1 Beating

No. This is child abuse. Do you realize how fragile a childs body is? Especially in the 40s, parents were threatening their children to beat them over the dumbest reasons. Like not finishing or liking their food, or getting a bad grade. To be honest, if I was there every time parents would do something like that, I would grab that object and give those parents a taste of their own medicine.

I disagree with this. it's good when someone is really bad

2 Over Protection

My mom in a nutshell

3 Sexual Abuse

How the frick isn't this at #1?!

4 Tolerance, Acceptance, And/Or Respect For Immoral/Wrongful Acts, And People And/Or Things That Damage The Lives Of Children
5 Confiscations of Children's Belongings That Are Aesthetically, Currently, And/Or Historically Important Without Consent/Permission
6 Selfishness
7 Narcissism
8 Itemization

What are you talking about? What is "itemization? "

9 Discrimination
10 Corporal Punishment

The Contenders

11 Children curse and parents don't ground them

Just because someone lets their kid swear doesn’t mean they are bad parents

12 Violation of Privacy
13 Invasion of Privacy
14 Neglect
15 Favoritism
16 Spanking
17 Spoiling
18 Treason
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