Top Ten Best Aspects of the Harry Potter Movie Series


The Top Ten

1 It Has one of the Most Complex Fantastic Universe of All Time

In my not so humble opinion, the most complex. The first four movies make you enchanted by slowly introducing you into the extremely unique world of magic - that includes everything a regular society also has: magazines, sweets, trends, traditions, sports, money, social stands, laws, pets, school systems, shops, brands,... as well as the magical aspects of potions and spells.
From movie 5 to 8, the world will appear completely natural to you. This is when the real story begins. - Martin_Canine

2 The Emotional Complexity of the Characters
3 If You Were Young When the First Movie Hit Theatres, You Grew Up Along the Characters
4 The Large Amount of Different Feelings and Moods It Has
5 The Cast Consists of the Greatest British Actors of Their Time
6 Believable Character Development
7 Each of the Minor and Major Characters Has Equally Interesting Aspects
8 While Set in a Fantasy World, Most of the Problems and Dangers in Harry Potter are of Realistic Nature
9 Just Like the Characters Get More Mature, So Does the Movie Franchise
10 The Characters' Motivations are Credible

The Contenders

11 The Production Values are Top Notch

Regardless of which Harry Potter movies you like above others one thing you can't deny is you get what you pay for. I saw each and every one of these movies in the cinema and I'm glad I did, because I always felt like I got my money's worth with a quality, well-made movie. - SuperSonic17

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