Top Ten Aspects of Working a Job Involving Trash.

I worked a part time job last summer where I did a number of housekeeping jobs. One of the more common ones I got was trash duty, and it was quite notable for a lot of reasons.
The Top Ten
1 The weight of the bags

If left there for quite awhile while people put trash in there continuously, the bags could get insanely big. I would empty out each trash can when it gets approximately half full. It sucks having to haul a heavy bag, believe me. - NuMetalManiak

Weight is worse than stench - Animefan12

2 The overall stench

The stench would make it hell.

3 Having to haul a heavy cart around

The cart I had was more than five times as heavy as the bags. - NuMetalManiak

4 Throwing the bags into the dumpster

May or may not be a problem depending on how dumpsters are aligned. In my workplace I had to throw heavy bags all the way up top. - NuMetalManiak

5 Trash "Juice"

It smells awful and gets on your clothes when you are trying to throw it in the dumpster. - NuMetalManiak

6 You'd have to work in bad weather conditions

I dealt with summer heat, so sunscreen and tons of water help. - NuMetalManiak

7 Waste management may not empty out the dumpsters all the time

Sometimes the WM does not come on a certain day, and as a result a lot of the trash in the dumpster fills up. - NuMetalManiak

8 You would have to remember the location of the trash cans (in a big workplace anyways)
9 It strains your muscles

Yep, I'm not too strong but I can live with it. - NuMetalManiak

10 You may run out of extra trash bags
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