Top Ten Aspergers Syndrome Facts

I struggle with this and I'm sure other users do too

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1 Sufferers usually have a above normal IQ

This is a big benefit for me, thank god I have it!

I have Aspergers' syndrome, and my IQ is 132!

I have an IQ of around 120, which is above-average

Sufferers?! I do not suffer from this condition! What we tend to suffer from is stigma, judgment, condescension, and discrimination. In addition, we are wrongly misrepresented and underrepresented in the media. There are some trade offs in having these genes, and when you look at the upsides, they’re actually pretty good. All brains have unique strengths and weaknesses, and even useful variations in functioning. I feel like I wouldn’t be myself without aspergers, and that the world couldn’t function without Aspies, Autistics, Down syndrome, and everyone else the world looks down upon. Discrimination is a powerful force of darkness, but as the world slowly changes, we can learn to appreciate each other for our strengths, and have each others backs in times of weakness. The world is a rainbow of amazing and beautiful people, and neurotypicals are a part of this rainbow as well. Everyone has gifts, and everyone has weaknesses. If we just loved one another and saw each other as ...more

2 It was discovered by namesake and sufferer Hans Asperger
3 It is a high functioning form of autism known as Autistic Spectrum Disorder

That’s pretty interesting actually. - Userguy44


4 Sufferers usually get hooked on a certain subject and can't stop talking about it

This happens to me a lot. I have certain fixed obsessions that I can’t get my mind off of

Also applies to non autistics

How did you know that?

5 It was originally called Autistic Psychopathy

I’m glad that name was changed. It makes us seem evil

6 Sufferers usually have poor social skills and have trouble socializing with other people

I have this a bit in real life. I mean, it’s not easy for me to talk to strangers,

I have this problem.

I’m socially awkward

7 It is not uncommon for people to have Aspergers and other disorders such as Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia
8 Sufferers have trouble making eye contact

"Look at me" - Every rude person

Me: nope - Lunala

9 Just because you have this doesn't mean you're stupid, weird, and can't accomplish great things

This is very true. People with Aspergers Syndrome can be very nice and smart. Not being arrogant because I have this disorder. - Userguy44

10 Most sufferers usually can't get the gist of what others are saying

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11 Historical Figures like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, and Mozart are claimed to Have Asperger's

I have it. Even Robin Williams had it!

And they were smart too

That’s proof that people with Aspergers can be very smart. Glad Einstein and Tesla were part of it.

12 The Asperger Syndrome Symbol is A Rainbow Colored Infinity Symbol
13 They may sometimes be called little professors as children
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