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Zubeen Garg Zubeen Garg is an Indian singer, music director, composer, songwriter and actor. His contributions are mostly attributed in Assamese, Bengali and Bollywood. He has sung many songs in other languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Bodo, Karbi, Nepali, Bishnupriya Manipuri, more.

He is one of the best singer in the world

I love you Zubeen the...

He is a living legend of India and no one can replace his place...his is a rare megastar who always with his people and he is multi talented artist of India

Hi was a best singer I love his all songs and hi was a kind hearted men

Neel Akash

I love Neel Akash songs and him and his style of singing songs

This the the man who have charmed the assamese industry... What a voice u hold man it's fabulous and keep going and God bless u and God luck for your future man...

Neel Akash what a singer! I think neel akash is the most popular assamese singer...

I love and like I so happy

Achurjya Borpatro

The best Singer

Most favorite

I love achurjya songs

My favourite singer

Montu Moni saikia

Nice singer of assam

He is nice n talented singer


Kusum Koilash

What is singer?

I love rap song

I like it's Rap songs


Vreegu Kashyap

I like him more than other singers

He is the best singer

You are best

Vreegu kashyap number 1 stylish singer in assam and his song is very gd

Debajit Borah
Gitali Kakoti

My ba I always best. God bless you ba

Chayanika Borah
Angarag Mahanta

Papon the is best

He is best in my opinion as he always try to uphold rich Assamese culture globally..

Love you papon the

Vote for papon

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Minimi is an Assamese new age Rapper, Singer.

Best Assamese rapper

Voice of Awahon

Bangladeshi. massive respect

Zac Irfan

Rapper is a very talented artist

Hip hop rapper

Hip hop singer

Hip hop rapper I love your rap

Priyanka Bhorali

Th best

I love you

I love her

Mur mon dole dole tumake dekha pale


I like his energitic song...and more


After Zubeen Garg I Like Babu

He is an awesome human being...also good Singer

Really he is an awesome human bing. Great Singer in Assam.

Luhit Payeng
Rakesh Riyan

He can sing modern, he can sing bihu, specially he can sing hindi songs far better than other assamese singers

His voice is mind-blowing and his songs also gaining popularity. Recently released visual song Ultrasound achieved more than 1 crore views

He is best

Super Versatile

Jai Barua

Joi barua,the one n only rockstar

Tarun Tanmay

I love tarun Tanmoy

I love tarun Tanmoy he is best

Assam best singer

I love you tt da

Tarali Sharma
Anupam Saikia
Nahid Afrin

I love her

the best


Kallol Barthakur

Jubin... World's best singer? Phew... Have you guys gone mad? Kallol Barthakur is a far better singer than Jubin. In true sense.

Jitul Sonowal

Pink Floyed of Assam

1. He is first singer, who modernize the Assamese songs.
2. He introduced the zubeen as singer
3. His songs still surprising and after bhupen hazarika, he was the most popular singer, still popular.

Nilakshi Neog

She is a female singer... When she sings with neel akash, the song goes blockbuster for me...

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