Best Assassin-Class Servants in Fate/Grand Order


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1 Jack the Ripper Jack the Ripper

I love her critical! - shikune12

How do you use Jack? Just tap those green things and enjoy her making c. stars! also, her NP chant is just so addicting. "MARIA DA RIPPA! " - cana_alberona

Yep, yep and yep. She is in my top three favorite servants. I pretty much K.O. d a demon pillar with her alone. Her evade plus ability to heal anyone not just herself is awesome, plus her remove bufs skill is super useful for removing invincible, and hp recovery bonuses that just drive you crazy. And that c-star drop rate, awesome. Love my girl and she loves her mama.

Definitely one of the best assassins around. Presence concealment A+, and has active skills befitting of a decent assassin. Noble Phantasm damage female servants greatly, which is great since most of the servants are female. She can also generate a lot of critical stars. And she's cute.

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2 King Hassan King Hassan

"Hand over thy head." - King Hassan

Amazing design and strong in-game.

While every Assassin here focuses on critical star drops and critical hits, this Grand Assassin is rather different. For King Hassan, or the Old Man of the Mountain, he specializes in Buster cards unlike Quick cards. In other words, he goes for brute force in his attacks. Not only that, but he's easily the most durable Servant of the Assassin class, given he has a high endurance and possesses a self-heal skill and a guts skill, the latter being able to revive with 5,000 HP max when maxed out. That's a lot more than any other Servant with the Guts skill! One of his passive class skills also makes him immune to instant kill attacks from enemies and also makes him more likely to deal instant kill attacks against enemies with normal attacks along with his Noble Phantasm. MAN, how'd I forget this guy?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

More like a death knight than any assassin...but wow he is a near indestructible insta-kill machine, and does it while looking awesome :D Hits hard, shrugs off hits, and comes back from the dead. So good...

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3 Ryougi Shiki (Assassin) Ryougi Shiki (Assassin)

She is great for NP spamming and arts teams centered around her is really effective. Furthermore, her with Irisviel makes that kind of team even better.

Looking at Assassin Shiki in the long run, I'd say Shiki Ryougi will still be one of the best welfare Servants in Fate/Grand Order in the future to come (aside from the more god-tier ones like Rider Sakata Kintoki or Chloe von Einzbern). Not even Kiritsugu Emiya has anything on her. Evade skill? Check. Can generate a pretty good amount of NP gain with only a small fraction of HP being sacrificed? Check. Can use her heavy-hitting Arts NP that goes well with her QQAAB deck all while having a higher chance to deal instant death with her first skill? Check and double check. Oh, and for those who know of the dangers the Bel Lahmus will pose in Babylonia, if you already have Assassin Shiki, DEFINITELY invest in maxing out her bond levels to get the Max Bond CE needed to increase insta-kill death success for the entire party. It'll definitely make things easier for NPC King Hassan and Assassin Shiki herself. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

4 Carmilla Carmilla

She hits like a focking truck when paired with a star gen.

5 Shuten Douji Shuten Douji

Best oni

If her debuffs wont make you hard, her voice will

She's my waifu

I love her sensual voice...her seiyuu makes she even better...and his np move helps much in battles.

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6 EMIYA (Assassin) EMIYA (Assassin)

He can be a crit star machine but not many as jack the ripper

7 Jing Ke Jing Ke
8 Scathach (Assassin) Scathach (Assassin)

Break invicibility (ofc with quick up), healer plus damage cut. She's tend to be semi-support (her taunt and heal) but she's best famer (she can solo to bully marrie in daily quest)

just give her a love, she will give you more treatment (but please don't use a grail as a your wine cup, shishou)

9 Cursed Arm Hassan Cursed Arm Hassan

Until the London chapter comes out and you can roll for Jack the Ripper, Hassan will be your to-go-to when gaining tons of Critical Stars. His Noble Phantasm is also powerful since you won't only gain tons of Critical Stars, but also have a chance to inflict Death on an enemy. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 Cleopatra Cleopatra

A lot of people overlook this servant, and its not even her fault! She was released just before Ishtar, Merlin, Gramps and the thanksgiving gil summon campaign. So if you didn't roll her last year and you don't have a Jack or a King Hassan, consider saving some quartz for her before you blow it on our two beloved Rin-Faces.

Perfectly self sustained and great farming potential. And she's cute

Great survivability, great utility and capable of insane np spamming and incredible buster crit dmg. One of the best assasins in the game, second only to Jack.

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11 Sasaki Kojirou Sasaki Kojirou

The REAL savior of FRANCE...The REGEND himself

Let me just say that what I'm about to say is not a lie: I actually managed to use the REGEND himself to deal the finishing blow on Shadow Marie Antoinette in the respective Servant's interlude! There's a reason he's called the Savior of France by players! As typical of the Assassin class, he's top-tier for gaining Critical Stars and dishing out devastating critical hits against enemies. Considering these advantages, it's no wonder he was a go-to Servant when it came to the wyvern-infested singularity of Orleans. Now I just need a few more Octuplet Twin Crystals to reach his final ascension... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

12 Henry Jekyll & Hyde Henry Jekyll & Hyde

I'm calling it now. As I slowly ascend Jekyll, I'm really feeling bad about ascending him. I want to do his Interlude, but I don't feel like making him give in to Hyde just yet through further Ascension, let alone even unleash his Noble Phantasm. I wouldn't want to break Jekyll's poor heart and based on how I interact with him in My Room, it's still too early for me to say goodbye to Jekyll and give in to Hyde. I'll... Have to think about it... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Just turn him into hyde, and get highest HP over 20k, high damage, high critical attack, and finish the battle. He's good berserker, I think.

But... His assassin form is not as bad as you think, right? Pull out some critical star with his Q card, and then pull out some damage with his B card. The problem is, you have three useless skill ini this form =_=

13 Semiramis Semiramis

She's thicc

14 Charles-Henri Sanson Charles-Henri Sanson
15 Hassan of Serenity Hassan of Serenity

Pretty in both looks and damage, dat death chance though

16 Fuuma Kotarou Fuuma Kotarou

Saved me a lot of times with his evade skill. Always give 100% crit when given the proper CE

This guy needs to be a 4 star. He is a welfare Jack the ripper and gives the team a bunch of crit stars. He deserves grails if you ask me because he has a fantastic set of skills and Noble Phantasm. Who ever gets this man, please grail him out to 80, he doesn't deserve a 3 star by the sheer amount of skills he has. Worth it, totally worth it for a free to play.

Excellent star generation and quick to charge noble phantasm

17 Yu Miaoyi Yu Miaoyi
18 Nitocris (Assassin) Nitocris (Assassin)

Mmm mmm, nice

Nice body


19 Mochizuki Chiyome Mochizuki Chiyome
20 Yan Qing Yan Qing
21 Katou Danzou Katou Danzou
22 Osakabehime Osakabehime
23 Okada Izou Okada Izou

Good critical damage Servant, with cool art, and only 3 star but die to quick he is just a berserker who can do a lot of critical damage before he dies in the 3rd round so he ok

24 Wu Zetian Wu Zetian
25 Li Shuwen Li Shuwen
26 Mysterious Heroine X Mysterious Heroine X

...Yeah. I think I probably put Heroine X too high on this list just solely for her design. While she doesn't stand toe-to-toe with top-tier Assassin-class Servants like Jack the Ripper and King Hassan, she's still a good Assassin by her own merit. Granted, she's only at her peak for the Saber Wars event where she has a bonus affect against Saberfaces like Artoria herself by dealing extra damage to them with her Noble Phantasm. Outside of this bonus effect, she's still fairly decent at gaining critical stars. Otherwise, you might as well just hold on to her for the GUDAGUDA Meiji Ishin event. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

27 Stheno Stheno
28 Hundred-Faced Hassan Hundred-Faced Hassan
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