Best Assassin's Creed Moments


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1 Ezio finds Altair's skeleton

That was a great moment, two of greatest video game characters in the same room. - Therandom

2 Ezio kills Ceasre Borgia

The level was great. Awesome music, and Ezio fought two armies. - Therandom

3 Ezio vs Rodrigo Borgia (FInal Level AC2)

One of the best fights in Assassins Creed. - Therandom

4 Altair vs Al Mualim

Altair fights both, his corrupted brothers and mentor. - Therandom

5 Shay escapes the Homesteaqd

Shay beats up/kills a ton of Assassins. - Therandom

6 Altair saves Al Mualim

Altair leads an attack to save Al Mualim. Epic level. - Therandom

7 Desmond infiltrates Abstergo (AC3)

Warren Vidic finally gets what he deserves. - Therandom

8 Blackbeard's death

A truly moving moment in the story. - Therandom

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9 Haytham vs Connor

Epic fight, wish Haytham won though. - Therandom

10 Libson gets destroyed

Shay is a really good free runner. Did not beat Unity so no moments of that yet. - Therandom

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11 Mary Read's death
12 Ending of AC4
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