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1 Karma Akabane Karma Akabane

Truly a unique character. It would've been easy to just relegate his role in the show to being a badass who is good at violence. But nope. They fleshed his character out, and as the show went on you could physically see him transform. He started as a genius rogue who believes that the way to challenge the world is on his own, and turned into a genuine leader who has realized what it means to combine the strengths of everyone around him. Whoever wrote his dialogue and plotted out his character development, bravo. He feels truly human at the end of the show, arising from the fact that you are with him when he's failed and succeeded alike. He will inevitably end up being someone you admire.

In terms as to who's better between Nagisa and Karma, I can't decide. In PREFERENCE, though, Karma wins by 1,000 miles. I mean come on, even if you don't have an opinion of him he still stands out. You know what's better, he never got in a relationship in the end (not technically a spoiler, considering it wasn't part of the plot). In fact, no one got a relationship in the end. The show isn't a "happily ever after" type, unlike Disney (no offense, just saying I like shows that don't have that kind of script more). - Qryzx

Aside from his violent background he still has the looks to fool others. But most importantly he's a total badass which makes him my crush.

YESS! He is an amazing character he has this evil side in the beginning but we slowly get to see him, how he truly is. He is a genius, his quotes are amazing! I recommend watching the dubbed version.

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2 Koro-sensei

Like, why isn't koro sensei the first?! With all his faces and all his effort AAA

He's the reason this whole show and plot started. He isn't extremely strict, plus in the assassination bit of an episode he's a challenge. - Qryzx

How he protect the students with his life

Without him, it's boring, he's so funny&nice. Easily my favorite

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3 Nagisa Shiota

Nagisa is the best, so bad ass.

He's born with killer instinct, and is mostly quiet. Also, he helped Koro-Sensei by... That's kind of a spoiler. - Qryzx

Nagisa, Kurasuma and of course Koro sensei
I can't chose between them

Literally the cutest thing ever. He's my biggest anime crush at the moment. I have so much fanart of him on my phone. If only people didn't ship him with Karma.

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4 Tadaomi Karasuma

He's just so cool!

the best

5 Itona Horibe

He's too cute for me to handle(he's actually my first anime crush)What I really like about him is that he isn't afraid to tell the truth.A pretty awesome and cute character.

Fantastic character development in such a short time. Best character in the series.

Does anyone besides me thinks that he is cute? - Sassy13crown

He's cute, just that's why I like him. His character, too

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6 Yuma Isogai

He's flawless and perfec! Ikemen the! ❤❤

7 Irina Jelavic Irina Jelavic

Any fan will know " professor bitch is best teacher." - P-Bro-N-J

Bitch sensei : - Tuana123

She’s REALLY pretty

8 Gakuhou Asano

I liked him 2nd to Korosensei at first because he was a great foil, but after seeing him change so much, he became my favorite by the end

9 Gakushu Asano

Twisted, yet noble. And the ruler of whatever group he wants to conquer. One of the most interesting characters of the series.

Yay! Gakushu is one of the Top Ten! I love him. He's so adorable. -Sylvia Takashi

i love his character design ^^

10 Kaede Kayano

She Loves Pudding

She is so cute and funny

No big boobs

The development of her was amazing - kempokid

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11 Rio Nakamura

Most similar to me and super badass. How she made the 3-D class student bleed without a bit of regret and mercy? Yeah that’s awesome!

Please, she this girl is perfection and is very underrated because of a certain “very useless” character

She's literally my spirit animal, I ship her sm with karma

Most MLG character ever

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12 Ritsu

Please tell me how Ritsu isn’t higher on this list. She is a strong girl (yes idc if she’s a robot) and found her own free will with Koro-Sensei’s help

13 Hinano Kurahashi
14 Masayoshi Kimura
15 Kotaro Takebayashi
16 Sousuke Sugaya
17 Rinka Hayami

She is a silent killer.
A Strom in the calm.

She is awesome and she is a perfect example of a skilled, young and a hell of a great assassin! (if she was)

She is pretty and stoic quite an interesting character

She is the best female in assassination classroom. she is pretty serious but fun too. so ya GO HAYAMI.

18 Ryunosuke Chiba

I mean... Come on! This is the emo dating sim protagonist.

He's an e class emo tsundere badass who isn't in favor of him

"I mean, come on. Chiba is badass. He is the best long-range shooter in the class, the cutest male tsundere ever, and his personality is just great! I like his bangs a lot too, it takes a lot of nerve to grow your hair out that long and be commited to it.

19 Manami Okuda

Karmanami forever

A master potion creator, and when teamed up with Takebayashi, create a scientific duo to be reckoned with!

She is my most favorite character because she is so cute~

20 Hiroto Maehara

He is perfect

21 Toka Yada

She's amazing and the best to cosplay as well

My favorite female character in Assassination Classroom - Sassy13crown

22 Tomohito Sugino

I also love baseball

23 Hinata Okano


One OF the best girl in anime for me. I think it's because she's the most cute for me

Even if she is the minority in this anime. I'm still love her because I think she's the most cute in this anime. Her tomboyish and her 'badass' is the one that make me love her.

Je l'adore, elle est mignonne, elle a du caractère et elle est cool

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24 Ryoma Terasaka


25 Yukiko Kanzaki
26 Takuya Muramatsu
27 Megu Kataoka

Brains and power. She tells us girls don't have to be pretty, all they need is courage and strength.

She's so cool - Sassy13crown

28 Kirara Hazama
29 Yuzuki Fuwa
30 Kokona Tagawa
31 Nobuta Tanaka
32 Chousuke Takada
33 Koki Mimura
34 Koki Mimura
35 Taisei Yoshida
36 Sumire Hara
37 Kiyoshi Terai
38 Tomoya Seo
39 Teppei Araki
40 Natsuhiko Koyama
41 Kaho Tsuchiya
42 Kazutaka Shindo
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1. Koro-sensei
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