Best Assassination Classroom Ships

Assassination Classroom is one of my favourite animes. I also love shipping so why I wouldn't add a list like this? Vote for your favourite ships, kiddos!

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1 Karma Akabane x Nagisa Shiota

The second karma was introduced this ship had my heart they clearly have plenty of chemistry given their history and playful teasing and do I even have to mention the paintball scene?!? Or WHEN KARMA GOES TO THE MOON WITH NAGISA ONLY BECAUSE NAGISA WANTED HIM TO!?! Their ship makes my heart soar all the evidence is there I love them so much.

You see, Karma my boy here is our "fighter" and our sweet Angel, Nagisa is our "assassin". knowing it between the both of them, they have similarities, Both love for "killing or be killed" and not to forget sonic ninja. Basically both grew to love each other and it seemed they were suppose to be with each other. wether he's a she or a he doesn't matter FUJOSHI FAMILY IS HERE TO SUPPORT ANYWAY! And not to mention it really did seemed both looked like going out since the very first appearance of Karma him self and if you look closely you could see every scene (not most) are where nagisa and karma are near each other or sometimes just too close too each other (i don't know about your opinions but this is only my opinion)

If you check their body language every time they're together you can clearly see they like each other karma actually likes nagisa. The stares they give each other, in the movie assassination classroom you can clearly see moments of them together

I think their absolutely adorable! They have amazing chemistry and a wonderful dynamic. In my opinion this ship is superior to every other ship in this show.

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2 Nagisa Shiota x Kaede Kayano

Their so smol

They're totally cute! That part in volume 14 (or 15) was adorable!

Well they are both short which makes them really cute together.

I approve this ship

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3 Ryunosuke Chiba x Rinka Hayami

They not only work well together but they are the only ones that really understand each other. They are so different and similar at the same time and work off of each other like a second blade and help each other through their weakness
they are definitely my favorite ship

They fit together perfectly. Probably the best and most likely to go cannon side character ship

The author even said they went on dates and they ended awkwardly but he said they are vaguely dating

Perfect for each other

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4 Karma Akabane x Manami Okuda

In their school trip, when they were discussing about perfect spots to kill Koro-sensei I was pairing them up together with each other! And the cutest ship I found and sailed is Karma and Okuda's ship. It's just so cute and I felt like they would be comfortable with each other and not so awkward.

Honestly these two are perfect together! They're so open with each other and both are comfortable around the other. They're adorable in every way :') and it you think about their personalities go well together too :'') I love them sm

I think, they're cute.

They are perfect for each other!

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5 Tadaomi Karasuma x Irina Jelavitc

I love this couple they just have so much in common and I feel like Mr karasuma opens his heart to Irina it's just so CUTE!


Already official, they got married.

HOT x HOT. what would their kids look like?

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6 Tomohito Sugino x Yukiko Kanzaki

A cute one - Tuana123

7 Koro-sensei x Aguri Yukimura

Come on who wouldn't like this ship the backstory was so sad.

Who wouldn't cry about their backstory? Seriously, the saddest one of the whole series :'( - Tuana123

8 Yuma Isogai x Megu Kataoka

On valentines day she gave him a ton of chocolates. they're both class presidents and are just perfect for each other. prince and princess charming.

Remember the Valentine's Day... - Tuana123

9 Itona Horibe x Ritsu

I approve they are ment to be

This would be cool if she wasn't an AI... - Tuana123

10 Karma Akabane x Rio Nakamura

I LOVE this ship! (although I do love Karmagisa). These two have very similar personalities. They're both demons, so they are perfect for each other, am I right or am I right? - RandomPro0724

THANK YOU! Really Nagisa and Karma? They aren't gay! Anyways they go great together though, they hardly interact. When they do they are so cute!

Gotta love them troublemaker partners in crime though

Love it! You can't change my mind. Most logical ship for Karma in my opinion

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The Newcomers

? Nagisa x Karma x Asano

Yeah this solves all the problems with who should be with who right

? Kaylie x Nagisa Shiota

The Contenders

11 Karma x Asano

Honestly, I used to ship Karma and Nagisa, but when I heard Karma x Asano was a thing, this became my new ship. Just needs more love



I love this ship very much but karma must be bottom because he is a wonderful beautiful sadistic strawberry muffin

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12 Yumma Isogi x Maehara Hiroto

They are always together.

They sang the opening together. That should say a lot.

So many moments

Honestly they have more moments together than thmeselves alone

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13 Terasaka x Kirara
14 Karma x Itona

Thank youuu
i love itona and karma so much

Seriously, that manga scene lefts a fujoshi in infinite fantasy...

15 Maehara x Nakamura

They two look good together!

They just look good together

I don't know why but "I don't care I ship it"

16 Itona x Terasaka

Fite me I ship it

Es una de mis parejas favoritas

17 Nagisa x Sakura

No shes like eight or something ew no no no - RandomPro0724

They were cute together

18 Nagisa Shiota x Koro-Sensei

Those Japanese love tentacles

How bout no - Skyelle

19 Karma Akabane x OC

Karma x the person who wrote this comment :'v (typical fangirl, I know) - MLPFan

Bruh, Wattpad people

20 Asano x Rio
21 Korosensei x Reader

Just wanna see how this does

22 Karma x Beth
23 Koro Sensei x Tadaomi Karasuma

Seriously, I'm the only one who ships it?

24 Okuda x Takebayashi
25 Itona Horibe x Oc
26 Karasuma x Nagisa

Okay... - RandomPro0724

The way he looks Nagisa in the eyes, these two were meant for eachother

27 Takebayash x Ritsu
28 Karma x Rio

I don't know why but I love them together

29 Ren x Asano

I kinda ship them but not more than karmasano

30 Karasuma x Yellavitch
31 Sakura x Levi
32 Rio x Asano

These two don’t show any feelings for each other in the series, but they are both smart and cute I wouldn’t say it’s a bad ship(even though I prefer karma and rio! )

33 Manami Okuda x Kaede Kayano

This is more of a ship I ship platonically

34 Justice x Okuda

Are we going to pretend that we don't see them together more often?

35 Justice x Okano

Speed and Flexibility... Not a bad thing for me, and they're more often seen together.

36 Terasaka x Karma
37 Koro Sensei x Oc
38 Karma x Sakura
39 Koro-Sensei x Professor Bitch
40 Karasuma x Principal Asano
41 Nagisa Shiota x Daria

My best friend x Nagisa...I just love this ship.

I don't know who that is but I definitely ship it because I don't ship Nagisa x Kayano 😂 - RandomPro0724

42 Justice x Yada

Because there were always seen together and both are beautiful

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