Top Ten Best Assassins Creed Weapons

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1 Hidden Blade

Just because it is hidden and it is always with you

Templars need these. - Therandom

Your best chance of killing anyone you meet.

It's always been (and always will be) the assassins main weapon and u must get y

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2 Tomohawk

In my case, hatchets are always the 2nd best besides battle axes. They are the most valuable tool ever. - Warhawk2187

This weapon is awesome as it is so ruthless in AC3

3 Hook Blade

Great for parkour, and killing enemies.

4 Sword
5 Bow and Arrow

Honestly this was one of my favorite things of AC 3. I enjoyed using the bow.

6 Crossbow
7 Pistol
8 Fists

Fists are always the best weapon

9 Phantom Blade

Best bloody weapon out there

10 Machete

Adewale was always my favorite assassin.

The Contenders

11 Dagger

I like this weapon cause it kills enemys faster than an ac3 weapon I've ever seen but of course I've only made it to sequence 3 quite easy to kill soldiers right? I like to go to a british base were there's like a thousand of them then I just kill them all using a dagger and that's pretty much it your probably wondering if I claim to be such I good ac3 gamer I would've past that sequence by defeating that gang but whenever I get to the part when I have to shoot the powder kegs my gun just all suddenly doesn't work rather I use eagle vision close aim or reguler shoot it doesn't do it which I don't understand cause it works normaly when I'm not doing that mission what do you think?

12 Blowpipe
13 Throwing Knives
14 Air Rifle

I think the Air Rifle is by far THE BEST weapon in the series, it serves as a multipurpose weapon, if you want to tranq or make some go crazy from the distance, use the Air Rifle. You want to blow up barrels up without giving away your position put in some firecracker darts and blow it up. And it has a grenade launcher to take out or put an entire party to sleep

15 Sword of Eden

I think this is the best weapon because it is a piece of eden

16 Lance
17 Grenade Launcher
18 Vorpal Kukri


19 Warhammer

It is so cool because you can literally bash the guards heads in with it

20 Flintlock Pistol
21 Cutlass
22 Rifle
23 Musket
24 Rope Dart
25 Poison

They just start spazing about

26 Spear
27 Cane-sword
28 Pistol Sword
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