Top Ten Astronaut Themed Movies

I do not mean Star Wars, Star Trek, or Guardians of The Galaxy,... more things to do with astronauts and aliens.

The Top Ten

1 Alien

Possibly the best Alien movie made, but its totally not the inly good Alien movie, Covenant and the Sequel was good also - MarvelExpertJK

2 The Martian

Without a doubt one of Matt Damon's best movies ever made, its well done and well thought and totally deserves a spot on this list - MarvelExpertJK

3 Interstellar

So well done and has an amazing ending and an amazing twist, I don't care if the movie is long it is very well done and very well thought out, not to mention its great acting - MarvelExpertJK

I love this movie - Phillip873

4 Prometheus
5 Alien: Covenant
6 Life

In my opinion this is one of my favorite horror movies and totally deserves a sequel, though it didn't make much money it was well acted and had possibly one of the greatest twists imaginable. Also the Calvin Alien is such a scary creature, and plus who doesn't like Ryan Reynolds (even if he dies) - MarvelExpertJK

7 Apollo 13

By far the best.

8 Gravity

Could've been better, kind of slow but was a great movie - MarvelExpertJK

9 Alien 3
10 2001: A Space Odyssey

, how did I forget this, I'm so sorry I didn't put this in the list - MarvelExpertJK

The Contenders

11 Moon (2009)
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