Top 10 Creepiest Sounds in Our Solar System

Sound doesn't exist in space in the form of audible audio, as a medium's required for sound waves to pass though as it's a vibration, but planets have magnetic fields with electromagnetic waves traveling through, and spacecraft detect those waves and such technology converts these EMW's into sound that the human ear can hear.
This is about the creepiest sounds in our Solar System.
The Top Ten
1 Saturn

Saturn's the winner, an internal hell.
Imagine ghosts and souls screaming around in hell.
As creepy as you can find from EMWs in our solar system.

Saturn is scary!

2 Miranda

A lonely cemetery on a cold dark night.
Have you ever imagined being at a cemetery alone on a cold dark night and felt the wind and sensed tree branches touching you and possibly souls leaving their graves.

3 Venus

Venus is described as a haunted church in the middle of a dark night.
Talk about an old dark church with constant bells ringing.

4 Jupiter

Jupiter's haunting yet beautiful at the same time, yet it's the king of planets in our solar system.
It stands out and sounds brightly, like you're staring into the magic crystal ball seen from the Wizard of Oz, which was massive for a ball as well.

5 Uranus

Uranus's EMWs have been converted into a sound that reminds of a snowy blizzard at the end of a workday, yet is combined with fantasy elements.
Imagine staring at the sky during a blizzard and find a giant UFO popping out of nowhere, then you might've just witnessed aliens visiting us.

6 Amalthea

Amalthea has quite a formidable sound from its EMWs, like an alien getting his/her head shaved, and it gets creepier when you think of a creepy part of SpongeBob SquarePants, like the episode where SpongeBob stalked Squidward before making his pineapple house like Squidward's tiki.
Like imagine being stalked.

7 Ganymede

Ganymede's sound is quite dark, like you're watching the grand finale on New Year's Day and Slenderman creeps by and invades the whole place.
If you look at him, you're doomed.

8 Europa

Like a new year's eve firework show interrupted by Slenderman.
Remember Slenderman stalks anyone in his path.

9 Phobos

Cartoon alien fans cheer for their players as they scored a touchdown.
Which just sounds surprising considering this is reality.
Yet one of my friends said it reminded her of the Twilight Zone.

10 Pluto

A weather siren fires off on a rainy, stormy night.
Yet I've woken up early in the morning out of bed before when it was raining and this exactly matched it (except that no siren went off when I woke up).

The Contenders
11 Neptune

A swirling hurricane paired with a blizzard, which sounds especially creepy if you hear one outside and think you're gonna die.

12 Callisto

A tornado lurks near your home in town.
Hope you house doesn't get tossed by the tornado or you might land far away from where you live, because there's no place like home.

13 The Moon
14 Mars

A lonely steel factory where many workers retired and a gentle wind passes through.
Yet you can hear what sounds like voices murmuring from the steel workers along with them banging the steel equipment with hammers.
It's creepy to think of hearing voices on a desolate world, though some think it may hint a hidden civilization or any kind of life, which is interesting.

15 Elara

An alien robotic motorcycle fires its engines.
Imagine it approaching you fast.

16 Io

Like Satan cleaning hell with his vacuum cleaner.
A vacuum cleaner from hell.
You don't want anyone to use his vacuum cleaner to clean your place up.

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