Top Ten Deadliest Planets Ever Discovered

The Top Ten
1 Wasp 12b

Why so deadly?
Anything that tries to land on it would Disintagrate in less than a second and it loses Quadrillions of mass per year because it's so close to its star.

Think you're paying too much attention to that arrogant fraud, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

2 CoroT-7b

Why so deadly?
The Planet is tidlelocked so One side of the planet is always day and the other side is night and since it's So close to its star You would BURN in the day side and You would also FREEZE in the night side

3 Jupiter

Why so deadly?
The Gravity would CRUSH you & The Great red spot would tear you apart In less than a second And it has no signs of stopping.

4 Venus Venus is the second planet from the Sun and the closest planetary neighbor to Earth. Known for its bright appearance in the sky, Venus is sometimes referred to as the "Evening Star" or the "Morning Star." The planet has a thick atmosphere primarily composed of carbon dioxide, leading to a greenhouse effect that makes it the hottest planet in our solar system. Surface conditions on Venus are extremely harsh, with temperatures high enough to melt lead and atmospheric pressure far greater than that on Earth.

Why so deadly?
You wouldn't pass the atmosphere without Suffocating & Sulfuric acid would rain over your dead body

5 HD 189733 b

Why so deadly?
The planet is Silicon heavy and the surface is so hot that it constantly rains GLASS sideways.

6 Gliese 436b
7 trES-2b

Why so deadly?
The Surface temperature is 1100 C and it's does not reflect ANY light

8 Neptune
9 55 Cancri e

Why so Deadly?
Since it's made of diamond The gama rays that hits it makes the surface very hot

10 Kepler-62b

This is another planet like COROT-7b and Kepler-10b. Tidally locked, with lakes and rivers of molten rock.

The Contenders
11 WASP-18b
12 Mars

Why so deadly?
When a dust storm starts It can take MONTHS for it to end & your ear drums would rupture due to very cold temperatures.

13 Planet X

Just kidding, it's not real

14 KELT-9b
15 HD 209458 b
16 51 Pegasi b
17 Poltergeist
18 Phobetor
19 Methuselah
20 TrES-4b
21 PSR B1620-26 b

It orbits the pulsar B1620-26, so its imprisoned by it, which used to be a binary star system. It's nicknamed Methuselah because at the time it was thought to be the oldest planet ever discovered.

22 Gliese 876 d

It's the smallest and closest planet to its star, so it must be a rocky and hellish world unsuitable for life as we know it. That's all.

23 Kepler-1520 b

It's a doomed planet with only a fraction of Earth's mass and happens to be disintegrating. So you wouldn't want to live there even if you tried. Its orbit takes less than 16 hours, which makes it one of the shortest years of any planet anywhere.

24 Kepler-10b
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