The Angry Outlaw Episode #8 Atari: The Rise, The Fall, and The Downright Awful Part I

htoutlaws2012 Oh boy we are traveling back to the 70's where it all started for an icon in gaming that would be today's topic Atari how they went on to become a household name to completely losing it all.

1972: In 71' they didn't call themselves Atari instead it was called Syzygy which was it's engineering name, Then later after one year would now be called Atari. Pong the 1st ever game made was like the attraction that Atari wanted along with all the other companies in that time it was the real deal, but it's competitor wasn't pleased with that by that i'm referring to Magnavox. While the the odyssey is the 1st game console made it didn't exactly revolutionize the world, but it wasn't a bad console in it's own right.

Atari 2600: In 1977 Atari would enter the console wars in the 2nd generation with it's console the 2600 and did very impressive in sales dominating all it's rivals magnavox, Fairchild, Mattel, & Coleco. Atari went on for about seven years that took control of the generation until cracks began to show. In 1983 the infamous crash of 1983 really damaged Atari's legacy as a great developer and what I mean by that is it was such a bad year they had not 1, nor 2, but 3 horrendously awful games that fans were left unsatisfied and wanting a refund.

Demise Sets In: As the problems didn't get any better Atari was slowly starting to decline in gamers interest With the release of the 5200. As the new 3rd generation approached set foot an unknown competitor by the name of Nintendo came and saved gaming with it's NES console and there is no need to explain the franchises that helped make them who defined gaming. As that was going on Atari was trying to stay in the business with the 7800, & the Lynx there 1st handheld attempt. The 7800 wasn't that bad the problem was the gamers rather be with Nintendo at the time and the Lynx was not that good of a handheld I mean you can barely see what's going on in the tiny screen once again Nintendo dominates now flipped against Atari.

Last Chance: In there last effort in the console business they went all out to try and stay with the times and that this next console would have 64 bit graphics, and have a slogan ''DO THE MATH'' if you can't quite figure what console that would be that would be it's none other than the Atari Jaguar. This system had it's share of good and bad games but let's see what else it tried to offer. A CD that doesn't even work check, Majority of games look like polygons that isn't 64 bits check, & lastly have a commercial that won't have the consumer care even less than they already do check. Yeah this console is just so bad the flaws speaks for itself.

What Happened Next?: After that abomination Atari finally realized they needed to stop with the consoles. Now they just publish games instead of developing themselves due to the fact they lost a ton of revenue to the point they can't make games. Now that we have it's history given tune in for Part II for the video games on those systems that I didn't mention up until this point.


I think I'd rather have Sega make a ninth gen console than this company. I don't hate Atari, I just think they went downhill a lot. I think Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sega are all better console companies. And I guess Valve is gonna become a console company someday since they have the Steam Link and Steam Controller and Steam itself. - Skullkid755

Well what's funny about that is the current companies have some certain flaw, but seem to quickly fix the problem for Atari they just couldn't get out the blocks. - htoutlaws2012

Like ubisoft fixed assassin's creed unity with patches. - Skullkid755