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1 We Are a Product of the Devil

I am a Christian and I believe that everyone should be allowed to follow (or not follow) whatever religion they want. It doesn't matter if your Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Atheist. You are not the work of the devil. You are allowed to have your own opinion. The world is meant to have different beliefs. There is no way to change that. Some Atheists are actually very kind. - Psychedelic_Madness

I rather be a ruler in hell than a servant in heaven.

You would rather rule over literally the worst place ever than be a servant in the best place ever... - GrimmShady

Over-religious people act like atheists perform a giant satanic ritual in their second floor bathroom every Sunday.

Atheist also didn't believe in Satan so this stereotype is dumb - RoseCandyMusic

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2 Atheists Are All Mean

I don't care about religions, I have nothing to do with religions..Simple, No idea how one's belief can make one mean...I think people argue about it a lot..Which is futile and stupid. - Ananya

Atheists are not mean. Look at the countries with the most atheists. They are in the most peaceful and friendliest countries. - InfernoTopTenners

Some atheist are nice but some atheist are annoying - RoseCandyMusic

Let me point out that in true buddism there is no god. It's one of the kindest spiritual people in the world.

3 All Atheists Are Nerds

I'm not a nerd but I like science

Almost all nerds that I met are CHRISTIANS - RoseCandyMusic

Nerds are usually smarter.

Who says being a nerd is a bad thing?
This argument is probably true because we belive in science maths and academic evidence. - FennikenFan9

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4 We Are People Haters

If you are an atheist and you think this isn't true, just go on an atheist clip on YouTube and pretend to love Jesus, then wait for replies... you'll see why many people think you are filled with hate. (for the record, I know it's not all of you)

5 We Are Conspiracy Nuts

So true. Tons of people think Atheism is just believing whatever stupid idea you think of, but it's really believing in facts that have been almost completely proven true, unlike religion.

This is ironic, considering a lot of christians believe in the new world order - Caleb9000

6 Atheists Are Atheists Because They Are All Autistic

This is insulting to atheists and autistic people. There is nothing wrong with being autistic or atheist. People need to learn to respect opinions. - _randomperson_

I don't know who said that but if this came from religious people I can say for sure that I'm proud to be an atheist!

Who the hell came up with this idea? - PositronWildhawk

Autism is not an insult. My disability is not an insult. - Rue

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7 They Hate Christians

Well, not exactly hating, but they are supposed to just stay out of religious topics. They were the ones who made bibles not in hotel rooms, when you can just not look at it, they were the ones who forced religious teaching out of schools, when you should be able to CHOOSE. Life should not be forced upon you, it should be a web of choices, but when you force things upon people, children, that should be allowed to make their own choices to be atheism, it is not a good thing. You say you are the lack of religion, but you are the religion of no god. If there is no God (which there is), then so be it. But if there is, you are screwed, and let someone else go to heaven. Leave people alone, and you will be fine, everyone is happy. So, people think that Christians are the ultimate hypocrites, but think. Don't be a hypocrite yourself.

We are supposed to stay out of religious topics? You think you have the right and only right to impose and choose your opinions? If atheists don't agree on your topics about religion, they have equally the right to say opinions and be against it if they don't agree on the many stupid things you are believing ( like saying that we are screwed. ). You say that life should be a web of choises and opinions but you say at the same time that we have to stay out of topics. That's a strange paradoxal thing to say, don't you think? I don't hate Christians because I'm open to debate and share opinions without insulting but it seems that you are against everybody who doesn't follow or agrees on your opinions. Looks very hypocrite with hate inside your mind to me!

We don't hate Christians. We hate people of all religion who are doing bad things in the world in a name of a god, just like we hate as well bad people that are non believers of a god.

No, they hate it when Christains try to shove their beliefs down peoples' throats - Rue

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8 We Have No Morals

This is an argument that stems from religion. This is false, as evidenced by the many extremely moral people such as Bill Gates, the or one of the richest atheists in the world, nearly eradicating Polio from the world and donating millions to charity.
On the other hand, there is the argument that Atheists steal their morals from Christianity.
Those people obviously haven't read the bible from how much it justifies genocide.

Having morals is not an exclusive religion thing. Morals have to do with ethics and is part of philosophy. Many philosophies who doesn't believe in the existence of a god or gods treats questions about ethics and morals. You don't have to believe in a god or be religious to have conceptions about morals. As a matter of fact, morals of atheist are more realistic and are usefull for everyday life.

If religious texts are the only place you get your morals from, would you be a serial killer without them? That's... kinda messed up when you think about it. - Zach808

Morality is not solely based on religion. - Rue

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9 We Are Prejudiced
10 We Don't Believe In God Just Because We Want to Do Whatever We Want

Just because we don't believe in god doesn't mean that we don't have ethic conceptions on moral. Religious people are always talking about their free will that god give them ( isn't that a hypocrite way of saying that they can do anything they want also? ).

I don't believe in a higher power because I never even heard of one until 5th grade when some random kid asked me what religion I was. I was super confused and did research and stuff.

Thank you parents for not being religious.

I agree on that part of their free will. It's really hypocrite because when they're doing something wrong they will ask forgiveness at god just to have a clear conscience afterwards.

This is offensive on so many different levels

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11 We Want to Corrupt the Youth

We only want to express our opinions, and it has often gone to change the world, like religion has. It makes me proud of being an atheist. - PositronWildhawk

We want to HELP the children

Socrates was send to death because he didn't believe the stories about the greek official religion of the state ( the writings of Homerus were teached at school ) and therefore corrupting the youth. In fact he was only giving his opinion. So, if religious are still thinking that giving our opinions is corrupting the youth I have to say that after thousands of years they're still stucked and can't accept progression.

I wanna tell the youth that JESUS WAS A ASIAAAN - ARandomPerson

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12 All Atheists Eat Babies

Since when is atheism related to cannibalism?

Well, mostly it's true. For example I'm atheist and it is my favorite dish!

Make this top 10 guys. - ThatOneRacer

I'm laughing now - RoseCandyMusic

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13 They Are the Thought Police

So stupid! It's more likely the other way 'round. We don't have laws written in a book thousands of years ago by some stupid people that we follow and preaches to everyone.

14 Atheists do not celebrate Christmas or Easter

They do, just because of the secular culture of those two events.

I hate those periods of celebration. It's like everybody is acting suddenly in a hypocrit way. That everybody loves everybody.

NOT. TRUE. - GriffinDoge

Christmas = fun
Easter = I'm a chocoholic.

15 Because we are Atheists, it is Selfish of us to expect Presents on Christmas and Easter

When you say "Easter" what comes to many, if not most people's minds is not Jesus, it's bunnies and eggs and chocolate. When you say "Christmas," what comes to lots of minds is not Jesus, it's Presents and Santa and Family. What I mean by this is that these are not religious holidays any more, but rather fun days to spend with family and friends. I am an Atheist, but I celebrate both of these holidays.

I'm an atheist too and I celebrate both of these holidays not because of religion but because of the fact that it brings people together. You don't have to be Christian to spend time with the people you love

Christians stole Christmas from the Pagans - Rue

16 We are Reasonable
17 We Are Close Minded

I think that Christians are close minded. Atheist are open to accept new facts or discoveries in science whatever that may be.

So the fact that the majority of this group of people has changed their beliefs means they are Close Minded? Yeah, this doesn't make sense.

No we aren't...Actually, Totally the opposite of that - Ananya

Kinda the opposite accually - FennikenFan9

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18 They Love to Start Arguments With Christians

If it's on philosophy why not? The fact is that Christians can't discuss other opinions because their minds are stuck in a philosophy ( their religion ) that is stucked since thousands of years.

I swear that most of these stereotypes probably stem from theamazingathiest - Rue

I do though

19 Atheism is Related to Communism
20 Atheists are Sadistic

The creator of this list is sadistic - Ihateschool

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1. We Are a Product of the Devil
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1. Atheists Are All Mean
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