Top 10 Atheist Stereotypes That Are Not True

The Top Ten Atheist Stereotypes That Are Not True

1 We Are a Product of the Devil

If You think Athesits are worst than Neo-Nazis, Satanists (People who worship Satan), and SJWs, Then You Have Seen Better Days. - Rainbowkid38

I am a Christian and I believe that everyone should be allowed to follow (or not follow) whatever religion they want. It doesn't matter if your Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Atheist. You are not the work of the devil. You are allowed to have your own opinion. The world is meant to have different beliefs. There is no way to change that. Some Atheists are actually very kind. - Psychedelic_Madness

"Top 10 Atheist Stereotypes That Are Not True"
"Top 10 Idiotic Broad Statements About Atheists" lol - xEliHbkx

I rather be a ruler in hell than a servant in heaven.

You would rather rule over literally the worst place ever than be a servant in the best place ever... - GrimmShady

2 Atheists Are All Mean

Top 5 Most Hypocritical Statements

But seriously, we do not need a book to know between right and wrong.

I'm a Christian and I DO NOT BELIEVE in this crap. Most Atheists people are actually quite nice.

Say what you like but don't bully someone if they have a religion.
Religious people are more of a victim nowadays because of terrorists since 9/11, banning Harry Potter books, Chick tracts, believe abortion is murder, what some religious women wear nowadays. Even in the past we had the killing "witches".
But not every religious person is crazy or will murder. They are polite like atheists.

I don't care about religions, I have nothing to do with religions..Simple, No idea how one's belief can make one mean...I think people argue about it a lot..Which is futile and stupid. - Ananya

3 All Atheists Are Nerds

In the old days nerd was an insult, same with geek.
Now its for know-it-all's.

Almost all nerds that I met are CHRISTIANS - RoseCandyMusic

I'm not a nerd but I like science

Well Atheist's are smarter

4 We Are People Haters

Usually it's religious who hate people for certain things such as their sexually or their race. - KilljoyWithAPen

Or if you really want to see "people filled with hate" just go on a christian clip on YouTube and share that you don't love Jesus. For the record, I know it's not all of you.

If you are an atheist and you think this isn't true, just go on an atheist clip on YouTube and pretend to love Jesus, then wait for replies... you'll see why many people think you are filled with hate. (for the record, I know it's not all of you)

Did you just assume my species?

Just because I can type, speak like a human, wear clothes (Umm large clothes) and walk on all fores doesn't mean I'm a human. I could be a monkey for all you know! Ugh, gotta hate those species-assumers! - Puppytart

5 Atheists Are Atheists Because They Are All Autistic

Not true! My brother and I are both Christian and we both have Autism.

This is insulting to atheists and autistic people. There is nothing wrong with being autistic or atheist. People need to learn to respect opinions. - _randomperson_

There are other NON Atheists that have Autism as well as Atheist!

Who the hell came up with this idea? - PositronWildhawk

6 We Are Conspiracy Nuts

So true. Tons of people think Atheism is just believing whatever stupid idea you think of, but it's really believing in facts that have been almost completely proven true, unlike religion.

This is ironic, considering a lot of christians believe in the new world order - Caleb9000

I don’t even follow conspiracy theories, even though I know a couple that most likely aren’t true. - PhoenixAura81

7 They Hate Christians

Not sure what to say here. As an atheist myself, I can confirm that I despise Christianity as a whole. But feel mixed on the people that believe in it. I don't mind people that can accept Christianity has its faults. But I hate the people that act like it's a perfect religion with no negative qualities at all. Overal mixed on the people as a whole. - BlueTelegraph

To be fair, Christianity has been a horrific faith throughout history. They worship God way too much and have actually attempted to convert others to their cause way too much. You can just observe this happening in America or in Europe even.

At least with atheism you just ignore the idea of god and know that he won't help you in anything, and nothing really changes. I hate Christians because I know how much I've been asked to convert to Christianity in public. - EdGeinFan

Well, not exactly hating, but they are supposed to just stay out of religious topics. They were the ones who made bibles not in hotel rooms, when you can just not look at it, they were the ones who forced religious teaching out of schools, when you should be able to CHOOSE. Life should not be forced upon you, it should be a web of choices, but when you force things upon people, children, that should be allowed to make their own choices to be atheism, it is not a good thing. You say you are the lack of religion, but you are the religion of no god. If there is no God (which there is), then so be it. But if there is, you are screwed, and let someone else go to heaven. Leave people alone, and you will be fine, everyone is happy. So, people think that Christians are the ultimate hypocrites, but think. Don't be a hypocrite yourself.

We are supposed to stay out of religious topics? You think you have the right and only right to impose and choose your opinions? If atheists don't agree on your topics about religion, they have equally the right to say opinions and be against it if they don't agree on the many stupid things you are believing ( like saying that we are screwed. ). You say that life should be a web of choises and opinions but you say at the same time that we have to stay out of topics. That's a strange paradoxal thing to say, don't you think? I don't hate Christians because I'm open to debate and share opinions without insulting but it seems that you are against everybody who doesn't follow or agrees on your opinions. Looks very hypocrite with hate inside your mind to me!

8 We Are Prejudiced

Christians aren't? They hate homosexuals. Hitler was a Catholic. KKK is Christian. Bible says slavery is Okay. - westofohio

This is a controversial one. In Yank-land (The United States of Arsewipes) for example, you ARE treated like a criminal, but this is bull if you live in the United Kingdom. I'm atheist (a man of science), and trust me, it's much easier being one 'ere in the UK.

9 We Don't Believe In God Just Because We Want to Do Whatever We Want

Just because we don't believe in god doesn't mean that we don't have ethic conceptions on moral. Religious people are always talking about their free will that god give them ( isn't that a hypocrite way of saying that they can do anything they want also? ).

I don't believe in a higher power because I never even heard of one until 5th grade when some random kid asked me what religion I was. I was super confused and did research and stuff.

Thank you parents for not being religious.

I agree on that part of their free will. It's really hypocrite because when they're doing something wrong they will ask forgiveness at god just to have a clear conscience afterwards.

This is offensive on so many different levels

10 We Have No Morals

Morals are nothing but common sense. We never stole any morals from Christianity in the first place either. We just lived like normal people except without religion, and we don't commit crimes. - EdGeinFan

This is an argument that stems from religion. This is false, as evidenced by the many extremely moral people such as Bill Gates, the or one of the richest atheists in the world, nearly eradicating Polio from the world and donating millions to charity.
On the other hand, there is the argument that Atheists steal their morals from Christianity.
Those people obviously haven't read the bible from how much it justifies genocide.

Having morals is not an exclusive religion thing. Morals have to do with ethics and is part of philosophy. Many philosophies who doesn't believe in the existence of a god or gods treats questions about ethics and morals. You don't have to believe in a god or be religious to have conceptions about morals. As a matter of fact, morals of atheist are more realistic and are usefull for everyday life.

Um yeah, religion doesn't have a monopoly on morality to put it mildly. - truckturner

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11 All Atheists Eat Babies

Since when is atheism related to cannibalism?

That is one of the most dumbest stereotypes I've ever heard!

This is what your reduced to accusing us of...really? - RustyNail

Well, mostly it's true. For example I'm atheist and it is my favorite dish!

12 We Want to Corrupt the Youth

Youth gets corrupted by lots of things. Most religions actually play a part in corrupting youth by asking many youths to convert to their religion, through some convincing argument or otherwise. Freedom of expression is something that some Christians fail to keep moderate. - EdGeinFan

Christians corrupt children as soon as they are born. Saying if you do certain things you are going to hell. What if a 11 year old wants to be atheist? - westofohio

We only want to express our opinions, and it has often gone to change the world, like religion has. It makes me proud of being an atheist. - PositronWildhawk

We want to HELP the children

13 Atheists Do Not Celebrate Christmas or Easter

But those words are not written in the Bible.
Jesus birth date was made by the church, it's not written in the Bible.
He also has two birth dates either 25th December and Summer time (unknown day/month)
Christmas is based on many older holidays Saturnalia, Germanic Winter Solstice and Yule.
Easter is based on an older holiday Ostara which is about fertility.

I celebrate both of those holidays despite my atheism, but they are fun to celebrate. - PhoenixAura81

They do, just because of the secular culture of those two events.

Christmas and easter are a pagan holiday

14 We are Reasonable

Yes we are definitely reasonable people. We don't just use God as an excuse to do something that is bad, like those guys from ISIS for example. - EdGeinFan

Religion and being reasonable aren’t linked plebs! It depends on personality. - PhoenixAura81

Not most of the Christians I have met. Very judgmental. That is at least 90% of Christians I have met. Even had one scream in my face because I don't believe in god - westofohio

Christians are reasonable as well, I fail to see the point

15 Atheism is Related to Communism

Only in North Korea and Kim Jong Un brainwashed everyone to think he is a God and can control the weather. (that's why religion is illegal in North Korea probably)

Go back to the 1960s; this is not your show. - Kevinsidis

16 Atheists are Really Attractive but Slightly Homosexual

Sexual preference does not correlate with Atheism. But I feel pretty gay though.. - Kevinsidis

Slightly homosexual? You are either gay or you are not. - Rue

Hot homosexuals that I can think of at the moment.

1. Joe McElderry
2. Tom Daley
3. George Michael
4. Aaron Renfree (S Club Juniors)

Where do you get this information? - RustyNail

17 Because we are Atheists, it is Selfish of us to expect Presents on Christmas and Easter

When you say "Easter" what comes to many, if not most people's minds is not Jesus, it's bunnies and eggs and chocolate. When you say "Christmas," what comes to lots of minds is not Jesus, it's Presents and Santa and Family. What I mean by this is that these are not religious holidays any more, but rather fun days to spend with family and friends. I am an Atheist, but I celebrate both of these holidays.

I'm an atheist too and I celebrate both of these holidays not because of religion but because of the fact that it brings people together. You don't have to be Christian to spend time with the people you love

No one knows what the original Bible was, the King James Bible was written 1500 years after Jesus died. All these holidays might not be Christian if they aren't in the original Bible.

I don't celebrate Easter. Christmas is a family holiday to me. I get presents, but I give presents too - westofohio

18 All Atheists are White Men

There are plenty of White Men in the world who are NOT ATHEISTS at all.

All women should be an atheist because god hates women

I'm an atheist and I'm a white WOMAN. Also, Neil degrease tryson is not white and he believes in evolution

I’m a white (and not basic) girl and I’m an atheist. - PhoenixAura81

19 We Are Close Minded

Prove to me that God exist then. There is no reason to believe he existed.

Well, Atheists aren't very open-minded. They do not believe in an invisible, inexplicable existence right? Okay...what about a little thing called love? Or the air we breathe or the private thoughts of others? All invisible and inexplicable and yet we never question their existence. So why not believe in God? - Britgirl

I think that Christians are close minded. Atheist are open to accept new facts or discoveries in science whatever that may be.

So the fact that the majority of this group of people has changed their beliefs means they are Close Minded? Yeah, this doesn't make sense.

20 They Are the Thought Police

So stupid! It's more likely the other way 'round. We don't have laws written in a book thousands of years ago by some stupid people that we follow and preaches to everyone.

21 They Love to Start Arguments With Christians

In a sense, we don't. We just say something regarding our non-belief and some Christian gets offended by our comment. - EdGeinFan

If it's on philosophy why not? The fact is that Christians can't discuss other opinions because their minds are stuck in a philosophy ( their religion ) that is stucked since thousands of years.

I'm a Christian and I don't agree with this!

Not all of them do!

22 Atheists are Sadistic

The creator of this list is sadistic - Ihateschool

80% of these I didn't put on here. Actually I'm a nice considerate person and a pacifist. All sadistic people I've seen are all religious. I'm an Atheist. - westofohio

23 Everything Atheists Say is False


To be honest, this is dumb.

24 All Atheists Drink Blood, Draw Pentagrams with Blood in Their Room and Perform Satanic Rituals in Their Basement Every Night

A pentagram is also a Pagan/Wiccan symbol and they have nothing to do with Satan they don't believe in something from another religion...Christians confuse their God the horned one with "Pan" who was hijacked from the Christians like every Christian holiday and the Bible stories.
Its ok Christians Hitler stole a Buddhist symbol and I think he stole the goose step.

You should not confuse atheism with satanism. - EdGeinFan


Atheists don’t believe in Satan. - I80

25 Atheists are Neckbeards

Whats a neckbeard?

26 All Gay People are Atheists

False, many can be Christain, Jewish, and even Muslim. - Rue

There are some LGBT people are not Atheist.

Nah. I’m an asexual atheist. - PhoenixAura81

27 All Atheists are Stalinists

That's like saying all Catholics are Nazis.

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