Best athlete, not best player!

athletic greatness is defined as possessing a variety of attributes that contribute to athletic prowess. These include speed, quickness, endurance, power and hand-eye coordination. That is why this list does not include specialized athletes

The above is taken from the headline of the discussion. 90% of the choices do not qualifty based on this qualification. The greatest athlete is not necessarily one who dominates his sport (Michael Jordan) , nor one who revolutinized his sport, but should include athletic ability reflected in excellence at high levels in more than one sport. Michael Jordan was a lousy baseball player. Nor should it include speculaton ("If healthy - i.e Bo Jackson)

All around atheletes who excelled in many sports are the great athletes, those who did not can be the greatest player in their sport, but not necessarily the greatest athlete.

Those who should be considered include Wilt Chamberlain, Deion Sanders, Dave Winfield, Jim Thorpe, Jim Brown and Jackie Robinson. Look at their achievements in more than one sport.

My choice is Jackie Robinson. Hall of Fame in baseball, All American designate in football, leading scorer and MVP in the old Pacific Coast Conference in basketball, NCAA record holder and champion in the Long Jump


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